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The brain activity of people who are dying displays indications of near-death experiences

By: April Carson

Evidence suggests that the removal of life support in two dying individuals resulted in increased brain activity. This crucial discovery may serve as a scientific explanation for near-death experiences.

Many individuals from diverse cultures have reported experiencing sensations such as moving down a tunnel towards a bright light, reliving memories, and even encountering deceased loved ones after experiencing close calls with death. Some skeptics, however, argue that these experiences might simply be hallucinations experienced by individuals during their recovery period in hospitals.

A group of researchers, led by Jimo Borjigin from the University of Michigan Medical School, discovered that the brains of rats experience a surge of electrical activity during the dying process.

Electroencephalography (EEG) provides a crucial tool for monitoring the brainwaves of high-risk patients in intensive care units. By placing electrodes on the head, doctors can watch for potential epileptic seizures in critically ill individuals.

Borjigin's team meticulously scoured through anonymized medical records to pinpoint individuals who underwent an EEG while being taken off life support. The objective? To uncover cases where recovery was deemed impossible. After much deliberation, the team identified four subjects who fit this criteria with utmost precision.

By monitoring electrical activity in the brain, EEG enables the detection of synchronized patterns of cell firing at varying frequencies. These revelations of brainwave activity offer crucial insights for understanding neurological function.

According to previous research, gamma brainwaves, which are faster frequencies, are linked to consciousness, advanced thinking processes, and memory recall. This association is especially true when gamma waves are detected in the temporo-parieto-occipital (TPO) junctions on both sides of the head.

During the study, two out of the four participants demonstrated a sudden and intense increase in gamma brainwaves in their TPO junctions after their life support was removed. According to researcher Borjigin, this surge in brain activity lasted several minutes and at times reached unusually high levels, which was quite remarkable.

Bjigin argues that verifying the existence of dying patients' visions is an impractical task. Had these individuals pulled through, they might have shared firsthand accounts of their experiences.

The two individuals who showed gamma brainwaves also experienced an increase in heart rate as their blood oxygen levels decreased, while the other two did not exhibit any gamma brainwaves. This indicates that a functional autonomic nervous system may be a prerequisite for the surge in gamma brainwaves.

According to Borjigin, while it's been suspected that these two individuals had a history of epilepsy and suffered from seizures, it wasn't previously known that people with such a history are more prone to having a near-death experience.

As oxygen levels drop during the dying process, natural "braking systems" in the brain may become disabled, leading to a surge in gamma wave activity. This phenomenon activates untapped pathways in the brain, resulting in transient electrical spikes. According to Sam Parnia at NYU Langone Health, the loss of energy-dependent braking systems is responsible for this occurrence.

Parnia suggests that the results offer further proof that certain individuals, who are assumed to be unconscious at the end of their lives, may actually possess some level of awareness.

The latest research findings can be found in the esteemed pages of NewScientist.

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