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The Benefits of Organic Cotton Baby Clothing - By April Carson

It's insane that the textile industry is comprised of over 8,000 chemicals. Of these, about 1,800 are organic pigments (for dyeing textiles). People are so concerned with what they ingest — and rightly so! But people forget to consider how their skin absorbs everything in contact with it - which means this huge number has a direct impact on you too.

It's not surprising that babies and young children are among the top consumers of textiles. Babies spend most of their time in organic cotton baby clothes, organic cotton bibs and organic baby socks. Babies also often have multiple soft toys to play with (which can be organic toys) — they're small, cuddly and baby-safe. Babies also use organic cotton diapers.

As organic cotton baby clothes are in direct contact with your child, an organic textile has a direct impact on you too — is the organic cotton fabric safe from harmful chemicals?

I created for my own children. I became very concerned about potentially harmful chemical substances found in conventional textiles. I've heard from so many parents that organic baby clothes are more comfortable and better quality than ordinary ones.

It made me wonder — does organic cotton baby clothing really offer benefits to your child in terms of comfort, personal hygiene and safety? Or is organic clothing just a marketing gimmick that sells well? After all, organic cotton baby clothes may cost up to three times more than conventional items.

In our newest Organic cotton Collection, we use organic cotton in every design and it is the softest organic fabric we have. It's even softer than organic bamboo which has a wonderful natural feel.

Eco-friendly baby clothing products creates organic cotton cloth that gives babies a safe, healthy, smooth touch. And not to mention, organic baby clothes are better for the babies and the planet.

Please visit our website at for organic cotton baby clothes, bandana bibs, baby blankets, organic baby toys made for your infant.

Why buy organic baby clothing?

In reality, organic clothing is not really that much more expensive than conventional ones. It's just the perception of parents when they see organic baby clothes selling for a higher price. But organic baby clothes have significant benefits over common items.

Here's a list of the benefits organic cotton baby clothes can offer:

1. No pesticides to affect your child's health. Non- organic clothing for babies are often produced using pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that may have harmful effects on human health, especially that of infants and children. In particular, organic cotton baby clothes can provide better protection to your baby's skin from harmful materials from pesticides.

2. Protection against skin allergies and sensitive skin. Babies are still developing, organic clothing for babies should be chosen with care as the chemicals or allergy causing substance found in conventional baby clothes may lead to allergic reactions.

3. Lower risk of chemicals and toxins to babies. Non organic clothing for babies may contain chemical ingredients that are harmful for the little ones.

4. Clothes will last longer. Organic clothing for babies are designed to last longer as they have no harmful substances added. Styles are available in different organic baby clothing lines.

What is organic clothing made from?

Clothing labeled organic must be made from organic cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that has been cultivated for thousands of years; unlike wool hat comes from sheep, or other organic fibers like hemp. Organic cotton baby clothes are made without the use of chemicals, pesticides or genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or dangerous pesticides or fertilizers that may be harmful to babies' delicate skin.

Lastly, It is important to know that organic cotton clothing is still not free from pesticides and organic cotton baby clothes are not pesticide-free, they just use organic methods to fight the organic cotton plant's main predators: insects. When organic cotton is grown, it is still sprayed with organic pesticides but they are different than the harmful chemicals often found in conventional cotton apparel.

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