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The Benefits of OM Chanting

By: April Carson

"OM" The word OM is the most universally acknowledged sound in the world. It has been called the mantra of mantra; it's a primordial vibration that connects us to everything and everyone. The sound of this divine breath that brought about the manifestation of worlds, universes, Gods, and Goddesses—OM resounds within each atom of creation as it moves.

OM is the sound of life itself, and it starts within you with your first breath. To chant OM is to celebrate life's very pulse. It can be likened unto riding on a wave of spiritual awakening, which leads to higher levels of consciousness and pure ecstasy. When chanted correctly, OM produces strange sensations in the body that have nothing to do with the physical realm. This complex sound awakens dormant energy centers and begins the process of spiritual growth, which can lead you inwards towards self-realization.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of OM Chanting, and how it can lead you to experience ecstatic states of mind.

The Power of OM:

It is an ancient mantra with extraordinary vibrational powers that can be used for self-realization and spiritual development. You have probably heard references to this sound in popular culture such as movies like Star Wars or music albums by the Beatles.

Though many of us are already familiar with the mantra OM, few people know its true purpose and potential beyond just a simple sound. In essence, it is a mystical sound that can help you raise your awareness to states that exist beyond time and space.

The Benefits of OM Chanting:

#1 Calming Your Mind: When you chant OM, it has a calming effect on your mind and body. This is because the sound of OM resonates with the lower chakras or energy centers that correspond to our physical bodies. It can also relax the higher chakras or energy centers which deal with our more subtle energies such as emotions and mindfulness.

#2 Inviting Clarity: When you chant OM, it has an awakening effect on your mind. This is because the sound of OM resonates with the upper chakras or energy centers that correspond to our more subtle states of being such as mindfulness and spirituality. It can also awaken the lower chakras or energy centers which deal with our physical bodies.

In Yoga Vasistha, the ancient Indian sage, Maharishi Valmiki said that by chanting the three syllable mantra "AUM" and meditating on its meaning, one develops an understanding of the past, present and future and even what was hidden from the human eye or ear. That is to say, by chanting OM, one attains knowledge of the past, present and future.

#3 It's an excellent method to relax, unwind, and chill out: It can enhance your concentration and focus while also aiding in the achievement of your objectives.

#4 It can provide numerous benefits to your heart health and improve its functioning. In fact, regular chanting of OM has been known to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease by lowering the levels of blood pressure and cholesterol in one's body.

#5 It strengthens your immune system. By regularly chanting OM, you will be able to increase the effectiveness of your immune system, thus easily warding off diseases.

#6 It's an effective therapy for all sorts of mental disorders because it calms your mind and enhances the activity of your brain cells. Additionally, it slows down the production of cortisol (the hormone that is released when you are under stress). Stress has been linked to a whole host of mental and emotional issues.

#7 It releases tension, allowing you to feel more rejuvenated and relaxed.

Chanting OM brings balance to life. It can also be used in ceremonies such as weddings and funerals where you would normally expect to hear a priest or rabbi speaking Hebrew or Latin (respectively). In India people chant OM at certain moments during important religious occasions – this is called Ajapa Yoga. Chanting OM is a powerful meditation technique that can be practiced by anyone, anywhere, at any time. It even attracts angels and powerful beings from higher realms who are interested in hearing the mantra being chanted (AUM attracts the attention of the most enlightened beings).

The way the mantra is usually chanted is 'AUM' (this can be chanted out loud or silently in the mind's voice). After this chanting of AUM for a while (it doesn't matter how long, some chant for one minute and others ten minutes), there is a short silence and then the chanting continues as 'CAM' (Chanting 'CAM' is continued for as long or short of a time as you like). This OM chanting is basically the same principal as saying:

"In AUM, God Is … In CAM, God Is."

This one simple technique helps move your mind from external awareness to internal. You start out with an external awareness (AUM), move to an internal awareness (CAM) and then return to the external awareness once more as AUM again.

This chanting of OM is a great meditation technique you can use throughout your day while waiting in line, stuck in traffic, etc., to help you get centered quickly with just a few moments of time. Once you begin practicing this technique, you'll find yourself looking forward to the restorative benefits of OM chanting (CAM) throughout your day!





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