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The Benefits of Children Eating Snacks During School - By April Carson

There are many benefits to children eating snacks during their school day. First, it is healthy! Snacks keep kids energized and focused in the classroom, which is especially important for students with a large gap between lunchtime and afternoon classes; they also provide much-needed nutrients after long periods without food. And since most schools prohibit candy bars or other high sugar content foods from being brought into the building by pupils, this leaves nuts as an excellent choice of snack that can be consumed at any time—including when it's not mealtime!

Eating snacks at school also provides the opportunity to teach children eating habits that they can carry with them into adulthood—poor eating choices in childhood have been shown to lead to poor eating choices later on in life. It's important for kids to learn how nutritious snacks can be, and eating snacks at school can help facilitate this growing understanding.

All of this nutrition has another benefit—it helps children maintain energy for the remainder of the day! A study conducted by Willett et al. showed that eating a small snack after lunch resulted in children's improved ability to pay attention later on in the afternoon than their counterparts who didn't eat a snack. As you can probably imagine, eating snacks that are high in sugar and fibrous carbohydrates helps children feel less sleepy and more focused for the remainder of their school day.

Benefits include: keeping kids energized so they stay on task throughout class hours; providing necessary nutrients over longer intervals where there may be no opportunity to eat again until dinner time; and providing the energy that kids need to survive after school activities.

One of the most important parts of a child's day is their snack time. Growing up can be hard and snacks are necessary for all ages, whether you're an adult or just growing into your own skin! Provide healthy sustenance to keep them going through school with some good ol' fashioned fruit like apples and bananas, whole grain crackers that they will actually enjoy eating (honestly), dairy products such as 1% milk in individual cartons so it isn't too much at once.

Eating Healthy School Snacks:

If you want to add a healthy kick into your child's snacks, try yogurt and fruit parfaits. Cereal is not always healthy but if it has whole grains on the box, that's a start. It can be made healthy with all sorts of milk substitutes and healthy fruits on top. Granola bars (like cliff bars) that are also healthy and made for kids!

Along with improving their eating habits, healthy foods and drinks at school can improve concentration. Kids who eat healthy snacks during school are generally more alert and focused then kids who just have junk food to keep them going. If your child is eating healthy, healthy snacks will help them concentrate better throughout the day.

There are so many benefits of healthy snacks during school. It leads to healthy eating habits and healthy kids. School is the place your children spend a lot of time during the day and healthy snacks can give them an edge in their studies.

The healthy school snack ideas below are healthy snacks that have enough protein, healthy carbohydrates and healthy fats that will sustain kids through the afternoon without needing other junk food options. They are also kid friendly healthy school snack ideas that you can make and pack easily.

Here are a few easy Healthy snacks for your Kids:

1. Muffin Tin Cookies - This is a great snack to make on Sunday morning so that you have them ready for the week. These are easy to make and your kids can help with this one!

2. Yogurt - I tend to stay away from the brand that I know has a lot of high fructose corn syrup in it.

3. Trail Mix - This is another super easy way to pack a nut free trail mix for school.

4. Applesauce for dipping - This is something that my kids love eating at school. They can have fun eating it with apple slices.

5. Granola Bars - One of the best ways to pack a nut free granola bar is by making these yourself! Add in some chocolate chips, dried fruits or whatever else your kids like.

6. Peanut Butter + Jelly Sandwiches - These are a great way to have sandwiches at school that your kids will actually eat. They are one of my go to options for in the lunch box as well.

7. Apple Slices - Try it with Peanut butter

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