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The 5 Artifacts made by archaeologists after the Jordan River dried up

By: April Carson

Archaeologists uncovered a trove of artifacts from the past after the Jordan River dried up, shocking scientists around the world. The finds date back to some of the earliest human settlements in the area and offer a window into how these ancient civilizations lived their lives. Amongst other things, tools and weapons used for hunting, pottery shards that reveal what kind of food people ate, and even human remains were found.

The archaeological discoveries made in the Jordan River's dried-up area provide a wealth of knowledge about our ancestors and their day-to-day existence. Below are the findings that were uncovered in that location:

  1. Mayan Artifacts - The Mayans used artifacts like Flint for hunting and fishing purposes. They attached great importance to flint because they believed it was born from lightning strikes. Flint was used in artwork to create stunning sculptures and decorative pieces that are now displayed in museums around the world. The Maya civilization was advanced and had impressive mathematical and writing abilities that exceeded other nations when European and English settlers reached the Americas. They left behind significant and intriguing artifacts.

  2. Pottery - Pottery shards, which indicate that the people of the time had developed craftsmanship. The pottery also showed evidence of different types of grains and vegetables being stored within, suggesting a varied diet. Pottery was also used for decorative purposes, with intricate designs painted on the surface.

  3. Hidden Japanese Settlement - While excavating the area, archaeologists stumbled upon a long-lost Japanese community. This hidden settlement was found to be over 500 years old, and it offered a wealth of information about the origins of the Japanese in the region. This site has yielded over 1000 artifacts that offer valuable information about the past inhabitants' way of life. The collection of artifacts consists of various objects such as rice bowls, sake bottles, teapots, pocket watches, buttons, and numerous pieces of Japanese ceramics shown in hundreds of fragments. 14 small houses, a garden, a wood-lined water reservoir, and a possible shrine were also discovered in the area according to the Smithsonian.

  4. Witch bottle - Another unique discovery was a “witch bottle”, a counter-magical item used as protection against witchcraft. This find offered an insight into the spiritual and superstitious beliefs of the area at that time. According to reports, the bottles found contained urine, hair or nail clippings, or red thread from sprite traps. Later witch bottles were filled with rosemary, needles and pins, and red wine. In the past, people buried witch bottles at the entrances of buildings in the British Isles and later in the United States. The victim used to hide the bottle containing pins or iron nails near the fireplace in his house. The heat generated by the fireplace would activate the pins or iron nails, which would compel the witch to sever the connection or face the repercussions.

  5. Alien holes - Alien holes were also discovered and they were "perfectly aligned". The alien holes have been variously interpreted by academics and archaeologists as water wells dug during the time of the Roman Empire or remains of an ancient irrigation system. Although experts suggested that the holes could have been created by an underwater organism, no evidence has been found to confirm the existence of such an organism. Others have suggested that the holes could be formed by gas escaping from the ocean floor. Consequently, the origin of these holes remains a mystery.

These findings have been meticulously studied by scientists to gain a better understanding of the inhabitants and their lifestyles before the Jordan River dried up. The artifacts provide valuable information about our ancestors and offer an insight into the past that is seldom seen today. It's truly remarkable what has been uncovered in this area and it will continue to be studied for many years to come.

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