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The 10 Deepest Spots of the Ocean

By: April Carson

Our planet's oceans and seas are filled with mysterious wonders, many of which remain unknown to us. One of the most intriguing aspects is just how deep our oceans go, with certain spots reaching depths that defy imagination.

The expansive seas that blanket our planet, totaling an incredible 1.35 billion cubic kilometers of water and covering more than 70% of the Earth's surface, are comprised of a diverse range of features from plateaus to valleys, and plains to mountains and trenches.

The vastness of the oceans and their differing depths create a unique environment in which a variety of different species can flourish. It is estimated that over 80% of all life on Earth is found in the oceans.

Fascinatingly, the underwater features are drastically larger than those found on land. The mountains at the bottom of our seas surpass even our tallest terrestrial peaks in height, while plains there run smoother and thus enable deeper ocean trenches to form.

Oceans possess a captivating quality that is hard to deny, and their unfathomable depths are part of this allure. The average depth for oceans around the world stands at an impressive 3.5 kilometers - it's no wonder why they evoke such strong emotions from those who witness them.

Anything below 200 meters is deemed the “deep sea” however, some areas of our oceans plunge for kilometers.

The deepest portion of the ocean is known as a trench, and it denotes the maximum depth that can be discovered or measured. Each one of these deep trenches in our seas offers an awe-inspiring sight to behold.

The hadal zone, formed by the movement of tectonic plates, is home to some of the world's deepest sea trenches.

With only 46 hadal habitats currently discovered, our knowledge of the deep ocean is limited and difficult to research. However, here are ten remarkable points that signify some of the deepest regions in all our oceans:

1. Mariana Trench: Located in the western Pacific Ocean, the Mariana trench is the deepest point of the ocean with a depth of 10,924 meters (35,838 ft).

2. Tonga Trench: This spot is located in South Pacific and its depth is measured as 10,882 meters (35,702 ft).

3. Philippine Trench: This trench is located in the western Pacific Ocean and its depth is 10,540 meters (34,580 ft).

4. Kuril–Kamchatka Trench: Located between the Sea of Okhotsk and the Pacific Ocean, this trench has a measured depth of 8,184 meters (26,830 ft).

5. South Sandwich Trench: Located in the South Atlantic Ocean, the depth of this trench is 8,428 meters (27,650 ft).

6. Puerto Rico Trench: Located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, this trench has a measured depth of 8,376 meters (27,480 ft).

7. Japan Trench: Located between the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido, this trench's depth is measured as 8,049 meters (26,399 ft).

8. Izu–Ogasawara Trench: This trench is located in the northwestern Pacific Ocean and its depth is 7,470 meters (24,447 ft).

9. Peru–Chile Trench: Located in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, this trench has a depth of 8,065 meters (26,460 ft).

10. Kermadec Trench: This trench is located in the South Pacific Ocean and has a measured depth of 10,047 meters (32,963 ft). It is the deepest spot in the ocean.

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