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Tesla Opens Its 1st Retail Location on Tribal Land, Avoiding State Vehicle Rules

By: April Carson

The new Tesla store in Nambé, NM is on Native American land for the first time. The white-walled and silver lettered building sits right next to two kivas - ancient ceremonial structures used by tribes throughout New Mexico as places of worship or meeting halls centuries ago before European colonization introduced churches into their communities!

The store opening comes at an interesting time for Tesla. The company's newest model, the Model 3 , officially began deliveries last month but customers haven't been able to purchase one in New Mexico without going out of state due to rules against manufacturers selling their own vehicles in the state.

It was reported earlier this year that while Tesla had applied for dealer licenses in several states including New Mexico, the company was issued a cease-and-desist letter from Michigan officials because Tesla has no franchised dealerships in that state.

In response, consumer advocate groups urged the state to allow direct sales by manufacturers rather than force consumers to go out of state. This new store is Tesla's way of standing up for the rights of its consumers to purchase and own their products.

Tesla is a company that continues to face restrictions in many states but it has found some freedom of movement lately. In January, Tesla struck what seemed like an unlikely agreement with Michigan and now operates within the borders of this state as well (though only for sales). This symbolic victory could pave way towards greater freedoms elsewhere including New Mexico where they were previously banned from selling or servicing vehicles without going through dealership channels entirely.

A New Mexico native and member of the Navajo tribe, Russell Begaye, approached Tesla on this new idea that would help create jobs for his people while also allowing them to purchase a car that they otherwise couldn't get anywhere else. This deal will not only offer service on all existing Teslas within the area but it will allow for more than just sales to take place.

This is a big step for Tesla who has yet to open any official service centers anywhere on Native American land. This would also give them more liberty in opening other locations in the area which could lead to a greater penetration of EV technology into this rural part of the United States.

With this new partnership, supporters of Tesla claim it will be the first time that a tribe has partnered with any company to get around state laws. These negotiations have been in place for years and there are many other states where consumers can't buy vehicles from them because they don’t partner with dealerships or allow their direct sales model which had not succeed so far either due court rulings against it among others factors at play but likely more so than all combined together!

Tesla is often seen as a movement against traditional automotive dealership laws that have been passed in many states. These regulations, supporters say, protect middle-class jobs and force dealerships to compete with each other lowering prices at the expense of higher profits for auto manufacturers like Ford or GM who are not impacted by these policies as much since they sell far fewer vehicles domestically than Tesla does (and imports most overseas).

Critics argue people can easily get information on line if they so choose through sites such as those offered from Edmunds. It provides reviews about cars currently available along side links where potential buyers could make direct contact without having any salesman pressure them into buying something before even sitting inside one themselves - thus saving everyone time & money while also putting the consumer back in full control of their own decision making.



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