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Take the Red Pill: Virtual Reality Will Be Like New Skin

Currently, we feel and touch the world around us because we have human skin covering our veins, blood and bones. Our skin is our “conduit of connection” to the world and environment around us. Without skin, we would not feel things like heat, cold, enjoyable sensations or pain.

But when it comes to Virtual Reality, everything is basically an illusion or is it? If a layer of touch can be added to your VR experience, it may one day almost equal what we consider reality today. It may replace reality.

Your physical skin is that receptor that let’s you know you are in what we call the “real world. Skin is the organ that allows you contact with the rest of the world around you. It’s the reason when you see a book, you can take your fingers and hold the book in your hands. Your skin are nerve endings that assist in your feeling of things. We think of our skin as an organic part of our body and as something that can’t be duplicated. Our skin is real, at least that is what we believe.

And it makes sense, we were taught certain facts in biology, chemistry, social studies etc. about humankind and the world around us. And most of us believe we are created by something be it god, the big bang or something out there. But what if that something out there that created us is actually within us and we have the power to keep recreating new life and new ways of living?

What if these lessons were just learnings of a present reality that had one day in a distant past disrupted an older reality version?

This type of thinking about the future and life seems crazy and far out there in thinking, but crazy is the world we live in. And we better start seeing how crypto, NFTs, and blockchains are helping to make the virtual reality more real than real itself. And this new reality thinking can shock the conscience, I know. Intuning yourself with your own possible sovereignty is shocking. I am still in shock but willing to learn.

From sending messages via carrier pigeons to wirelessly communicating on an iPhone across the world, human belief of what’s possible or not will always be disrupted by new technologies. From the traditional Dewey Decimal Classification System in the traditional library to a GOOGLE search, life and how we navigate in it is constantly changing. Technology will keep innovating and advancing. Forward moving seems its only direction and one day possible we may begin to see that we are the technology we create.

Bringing this sense of feeling, touch and holding things like a new layer of skin into a virtual world seems like science fiction but it is not. The innovation of the skin experience is more probable than not in virtual reality. The new skin is here and the technology making it more probable will only keep getting better and more advanced.

Facebook and Meta Reality Labs have created VR Haptic Gloves. VR Haptic Gloves will allow you to touch what is an illusion as reality. So this begs the question, does being able to feel something make it real?

If you seriously explore answering this question and consider the disruption of all the truths you thought were absolute, then that means you are choosing to take the red pill and have become willing to learn potentially unsettling or life-changing truths. But this path of thinking-knowing-and believing-disruption isn’t for everyone, so many of you will continue choosing the blue pill.

Forbidden knowledge (4biddenknowledge) has always been our choice to know.

So during your next VR session, you can not only travel to a distant land, you can interact via touch (with these VR Haptic Gloves) with the digital objects around you. On your next mind mapping session using Noda in the Metaverse, you might just be able to touch the books on your virtual desk and read them while sitting in you glass house, sipping on a cup of coffee, looking out the window onto the sprawling green lawn listening to the birds chirp.

The possibilities of life really are endless.


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