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Study claims an ‘anti-universe’ where time is running backwards

By: April Carson

According to a growing number of cosmologists, there may be an "anti-universe" somewhere out there that functions similarly to our own universe and responds to almost all of our actions. If the idea of an Anti-Universe is correct, it might explain why dark matter exists.

In an article for Scientific American, Paul Davies and Robert Brown wrote that the "anti-universe" hypothesis is supported by a number of observations. One key observation is that the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating rate. This could be explained if there is another universe pushing ours apart.

Another piece of evidence for the existence of an Anti-Universe is that the expansion of the universe appears to be symmetrical. In other words, there is no discernible direction to the motion of galaxies, stars and planets within our own universe.

But here's where it gets really mind-bending:

To begin, some context is needed: the phrase "Big Bang" was coined by cosmologists to describe a set of concepts studied. They are scientists who try to go all the way back to the universe's very beginning. The majority of people believe that matter exploded at some point. However, there are contrasting viewpoints on whether the temperature was extremely high or low at the time.

The leading theory is that it was incredibly hot, and as the universe expanded, it cooled down. This is known as the "hot Big Bang" theory.

There are also disputes about what occurred before the explosion. Is it feasible that the Big Bang was only the tipping point of a much larger upward trend? Consider bouncing on a trampoline and having your feet almost touch the ground beneath you; now, imagine just seeing the upwards bounce; it's meaningless without the first, downward half!

If such a thing exists, scientists may be even more perplexed than the Big Bang. That's because dark matter is an important ingredient in solving a perplexing enigma. How did our universe come into being rather than billions of years ago? The bulk of the cosmos is composed of dark matter, yet we've never been able to detect it. It's invisible, and it doesn't emit light or energy. It does, however, exert a gravitational force.

What are the characteristics of dark matter and how does it hide in plain sight, and what are some of the theories that require its existence? These are huge mysteries that must be solved in light of numerous other hypotheses. For now, one way to explain dark matter is to claim that it isn't bright. It's a term for something that doesn't reflect or emit photons in a form that we can identify. However, we can see the actual (rather than visual) effects of dark matter in gravitational waves since they manifest themselves as physical consequences. One of the most interesting questions is how dark matter interacts with itself, since dark matter may not even reflect off of other dark matter particles. This leads to what some scientists believe is a universe where time flows backwards.

The updated hypothesis. Is it feasible that a "anti-universe" has been discovered alongside our own, but dating backward in time? If this were the case, it would have expanded "backward" in time before the Big Bang in the same way that our universe has advanced. In a recent article published last month in Annals of Physics, researchers from the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics at Ontario, Canada, claim that the Big Bang may have been smaller and more symmetrical than previously thought.

The researchers explain, "Among other things, we shall describe in detail a remarkable consequence of this hypothesis: a rather new and more efficient way to explain the cosmological dark matter."

The fact that the universe expanded in one moment, rather than over time is one of its most fascinating aspects. It's a time when the universe significantly expanded to take into account its size shortly after birth. Instead of growing gradually over time, matter may have dispersed spontaneously over time, making our understanding of what occurred simpler.

Only neutrinos, extra-small mystery particles involved in gravity and weak interaction are known today. To make these two before-and-after universes actually symmetrical, we'd need to add a particle to our current cosmos knowledge. Today, only neutrinos, extra-small suspect objects involved in gravitational and weak interaction phenomena, have been discovered. If our universe is reflected in a backwards-in-time multiverse that corresponds to the Big Bang, perhaps dark matter is a "right-handed" neutrino. The term right-handed refers to the direction of movement for neutrinos in this alternate reality. In the other universe, it would be the polar opposite of left-handed neutrinos.

If this seems like stuff straight out of science fiction, you're correct. iteration utilizing such new theories is an essential component of cosmology, as scientists require established, published hypotheses to conduct and choose future theoretical advances. It's much easier to do that by openly responding with your thoughts and measurements. As we improve our understanding of the space and universe, this produces a lovely chain of thoughts, as we develop more sophisticated methods to investigate it.

Of course, the research is still in its early stages. The team says that more studies will be needed to confirm their findings. However, if the theory proves to be correct, it could have some pretty interesting implications for our understanding of the universe.

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