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Soon to be Buried Woman Bangs on Casket Lid at Her Own Funeral

Updated: May 6, 2022

By: April Carson

A Peruvian woman's funeral was delayed when the corpse itself began to pound on the coffin lid to protest its inauthenticity.

In a stunning development to an already tragic day, the coffin of Rosa Isabel Cespede Callaca, 36, was opened by her shocked relatives and revealed their loved one with her eyes open looking at them.

As the mourners gathered around, Rosa Isabel began to bang on the coffin lid with her fist and feet, startling them before finally letting out a scream in an attempt to wake herself up from what she believes is a slumber.

Rosa and the casket were rushed to Referential Hospital Ferrenafe on the back of a truck, where she was immediately connected to a life-support device.

The poor woman had no vital signs and was unresponsive, but the sheepish medics discovered that she did have them — albeit very low ones - and her condition improved somewhat after she received life support, giving hope that a miracle might be achieved.

The woman's family, who believed that their daughter was dead, were understandably shocked by the events and the hospital has launched an investigation into how such a mistake could have happened.

Rosa's health rapidly deteriorated, and she died a few hours later.

'She opened her eyes and was sweating,' Juan Segundo Cajo, the graveyard's caretaker, told MailOnline. 'I ran to my workplace and phoned the cops right away.'

After the stunning find, police were filmed carrying the coffin through a crowd to a truck. The video then switches to a group of medics who are standing over the open coffin with an unconscious Rosa at their feet.

Rosa had been in a bad automobile accident on the Chiclayo-Picsi road, where her brother-in-law was declared deceased and left her nephews in critical condition.

She, too, had been declared dead after the accident and a funeral for her was planned for April 26 in Lambayque.

The family of the deceased woman was incensed that she had been identified as dead and taken to the morgue for a funeral "in the first place."

'We want to know why my niece reacted yesterday, when we were taking her to be buried,' said an unnamed aunt incensed with the facility.

'We have the videos in which she pushes and touches the coffin.'

It's been rumored that the doctors at Ferrenafe Referential Hospital, where she had initially been taken after the accident, believed a coma was death.

Police are now attempting to determine whether hospital employees negligently took Rosa off life support, declared her dead, and sent her to the morgue without first conducting a thorough examination to ensure that she was truly deceased.

Rosa's three nephews, who were injured in the same accident as she, are recovering in a hospital but are still critical.

The family is now considering legal action against the hospital for their negligence.

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