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Snake survived a year in a sealed jar and bit the man who opened it

By: April Carson

A man claims that a poisonous snake encased in a jar for a year bit him as he opened it, sending him to the hospital.

In order to treat his son's chronic illness, a man from Heilongjiang, mainland China, purchased three venomous snakes submerged in a container of medicinal wine, according to The China Times. According to the newspaper, the man had tried numerous therapies without effect.

A poisonous snake, usually while it is still alive, is immersed in rice wine to make snake wine. It's then stored for several months to marinate. It's a traditional Chinese liquor believed to have medicinal properties and is thought to be an effective treatment for a variety of illnesses.

While the wine is commonly thought to have health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and painkiller, scientists have debunked the idea and labeled the practice as inhumane, useless, and cruel.

Drinking snake wine can be hazardous, according to National Geographic. Adding that the snakes might transmit deadly parasites to people who consume the wine.

The father stored the snakes in the jar for a year and then decided to open it recently. When he lifted the lid, one of the snakes leapt out and bit him on his hand.

After the man was bitten by the snake, he was treated promptly and survived, according to the China Times. Similar instances have been reported in the past, claiming that snakes might go into a dormant state for years at a time.

Furthermore, the newspaper stated that if the jar is not properly closed, snakes can survive with enough air entering to keep them alive.

Despite this, Wolfgang Wüster, a reader in zoology and herpetology at Bangor University in Wales, denied it all "biologically impossible," according to Newsweek.

"A snake can't survive immersed in any liquid for more than an hour, if that. Snakes are composed of flesh and bone like every other mammal; they require food, water, and oxygen to live. They have no magical abilities; they're just another animal with similar needs.

Although snakes are known to have beneficial health effects, Wüster also stated that they do not possess any medical properties. He added that this folk medicine is "completely ineffective" and has a detrimental influence on other precious species such as pangolins.

At particular temperatures, snakes may become dormant. There must be enough oxygen available, however, since some snakes are inactive at specific temperatures. The condition resembles brumation in the cold-blooded animal world, which is the equivalent of hibernation. A snake's metabolism slows down during brumation to save energy and they become less active. When food is not as accessible during the winter, this typically happens. Some snakes will bromate in the winter if they live in a colder climate, while other snakes may do so if they do not have a permanent residence.

This is why some people think if there is enough oxygen in a jar of rice wine and it's kept at a certain temperature, the snake may enter this condition. However, it is doubtful that a snake can survive for up to a year in such circumstances.

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