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Secret of Water — The Movie

Water – a living substance, the most widely recognized and least comprehended. It opposes the fundamental laws of material science, yet holds the keys to life. Referred to people of old as a transmitter to and from the higher domains, water holds memory and passes on data to DNA. Nonetheless, water can kick the bucket whenever treated inadequately. Impacts, for example, sound, contemplations, aim, and petition, just as poisons, for example, chlorine, structure water's sub-atomic course of action – influencing all it interacts with. Conspicuous researchers help uncover the mystery of water, permitting us to utilize this astounding component to mend ourselves and our planet.

Why you need to see it

From the second life previously appeared upon our planet, it was reliant upon the imperativeness of water. Throughout the long term, our utilization and abuse of this valuable asset has changed the indispensable data it conveys startlingly. This film gives bits of knowledge into opening the mystery of water so we can start reestablishing essentialness and liveliness to all life on Earth.

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