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Scientists discovers massive 'ocean' that lies beneath the Earth's core

By: April Carson

It seems as though there has been a deluge of remarkable scientific discoveries emerging at an astonishing pace of late, each of which has left our small minds completely awestruck.

Recently, a terrifying black hole was discovered pointing directly at us. In addition, a massive hole was detected in the sun, and a continent that had been missing for 375 years was located. Now, scientists from the University of Alberta have uncovered yet another remarkable discovery.

It's only recently that we're beginning to acknowledge the existence of a colossal ocean concealed beneath the Earth's crust. This subterranean water source is estimated to contain as much as three times the volume of all Earth's oceans combined.

The sheer size and magnitude of this concealed ocean is remarkable, not just because it contains a staggering amount of water but also due to the immense pressure that it must withstand at such depths.

Scientists have discovered that a vast reservoir of water exists 400 miles below the Earth's surface, trapped in the mineral 'ringwoodite'. To put this into perspective, if the same amount of water were to be found on the Earth's surface it would cover our planet in an ocean 500 miles deep.

Scientists have discovered that water is present inside the mantle rock, but in a peculiar sponge-like state that defies the traditional classification of matter. It is neither a liquid, solid, nor a gas; it is a fourth state altogether.

In 2014, the scientific paper "Dehydration melting at the top of the lower mantle" was published, revealing its findings. In it, the authors found that a large portion of this water is held in the same form as diamond. "These diamonds are really the bottom of the bucket," says Graham Pearson, lead author.

The discovery of this colossal ocean beneath the Earth's core is a monumental one. It demonstrates how much more there is to learn about our planet, and it has us filled with questions.

After studying earthquakes, scientists made a discovery: seismometers were detecting shockwaves beneath the Earth's surface. This led to the breakthrough discovery of a massive, hidden ocean beneath our planet's core. "It was the biggest surprise of my scientific life," said professor Steven Jacobsen, one of the authors of the paper.

Using the data, they determined that ringwoodite, a type of rock, contained the water. This is because the rock has a unique, sponge-like structure that traps water and can hold it even under extreme pressure.

If the rock has just 1% water, it implies that there is three times more water beneath the Earth's surface than in all the oceans combined.

The discovery of this ocean has changed the way we think about our planet and its water sources. It has also opened up a new realm of exploration, and scientists are now looking for ways to access it in order to further understand what lies beneath the Earth's core.

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