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Scientist discover a "strange metal" that performs in ways they don't comprehend

By: April Carson

A new "strange metal" has been discovered that behaves in a manner that scientists can't quite comprehend.

But the finding may provide researchers with insight into a mystery that has perplexed them for decades.

Solving that issue may lead to a slew of breakthroughs, such as lossless power grids and quantum computers. It appears to be linked to several of the fundamental constants of the universe, suggesting it could help explain how the cosmos works.

Scientists understand how their electrical conductance varies when they are heated or cooled, which is why many materials, such as copper and silver, follow well-known patterns.

Researchers are now interested in a different category of materials, known as strange metals. They appear to defy conventional electrical laws. Because scientists believe they may provide insights into the quantum realm while also hinting at future scientific understanding, they are doubly intrigued.

Another strange metal behavior has been discovered, adding to the list of mysteries. Rather than electrons, which are usually responsible for transporting electrical charge in materials, so-called Cooper pairs - more like waves - transport it in this one.

Cooper pairs are bosons that behave quite differently from electrons. In a system with bosons, strange metal behavior has never been observed. Fermions are a type of particle known as fermions, and Cooper pairs are bosons that act very differently. In a system with fermions, the strange metal behavior has never been observed.

It could also help solve the decades-old question of why these strange metal behaviors occur.

“We have these two distinct types of particles, each with its own set of behaviors, that converge on a mystery,” Jim Valles, a Brown physics professor and one of the paper's authors, added. “This implies that any theory to explain strange metal behavior can't be limited to one or the other kind of particle.

'Signatures of a strange metal in a bosonic system' is the name of the paper, which was published in Nature today.

For 30 years, scientists have been perplexed by strange metallic behavior, since a class of substances called cuprates was discovered not to behave like other metals. When metals are heated up, their resistance rises until a certain point, when high temperatures indicate that the resistance becomes constant; however, in curates, this does not happen, and the odd metals refuse to comply with expected rules.

The researchers are unaware of why this occurs. They do, however, think that it is linked to two distinct constants: one that refers to the energy produced by thermal motion, and Planck's constant, which pertains to the light energy of a particle.

“People have utilized mathematical techniques similar to those used to study black holes to try to figure out what's going on in these odd metals,” Valles added. “So there's some fundamental physics going on in these materials, alright.”

To figure out why it was happening, scientists utilized a cuprate material with tiny holes in it to generate Cooper pairs. They cooled it down and examined how its conductance changed - which is what fermionic strange metals do.

But it doesn't explain where the unusual behavior is coming from. However, it does provide a new piece of information for them to consider.

“It's been tough for theorists to come up with an explanation for what we see in strange metals,” Valles continued. “Our work shows that if you're going to model charge transport in strange metals, your model must apply to both fermions and bosons — even though these particles follow very distinct rules.”

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