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Rio De Janeiro: A Beautiful City

By: April Carson

Rio de Janeiro is one of the most exciting cities in South America and offers a wide variety of activities to its visitors. One of the oldest cities in Brazil, Rio has a cultural tradition that dates back over 500 years ago during the days when the Portuguese arrived and settled there. Some of the best things to do in Rio include taking a tour of the city, visiting the beaches and parks, going to a samba school, going to a soccer game and more. The food in Rio is excellent as well and there are many different flavors due to its large population.

Possibly one of the most famous pieces of Latin America, Brazil has a certain style that's instantly recognizable. A deep rooted love for samba and football is evident across the nation, with a relaxed attitude to life making everything seem just that little bit better.

Here are just five reasons why everyone should visit Rio de Janeiro at least once in their lives.

The Beaches -

The beaches in Rio are truly what dreams are made of, with golden sands and warm blue waters perfect for sunbathing or surfing. With so many to choose from there's no excuse not to grab a towel and hit the sand every day.

One of the most famous beaches in Rio is Ipanema beach which is only a few minutes walk from the famous Ipanema tower, so you can enjoy your swim in peace knowing it's being monitored by one of Rio de Janeiro's finest.

The nightlife -

Head over to Lapa for some of the best nightlife that Rio has to offer. This neighborhood is filled with bars, clubs and restaurants, making it a hotspot for those wanting to party the night away. Alternatively head on over to Gávea where you can visit one of the city's hottest spots – Zoom Bar .

The Christ The Redeemer Statue -

No visit to Rio is complete without a trip to the Cristo Redentor Statue. While you're here check out Sugar Loaf mountain as well, which offers panoramic views of the city.

Rio by sea -

For some of the best views in Rio, travel by boat to Ilha Grande . Here you'll find tropical beaches and breathtaking scenery.

The Culture -

As well as its picture perfect beaches, Rio de Janeiro has some truly breath-taking architecture that deserves to be explored. The city is split into four sections with each district having a distinct aesthetic and feel. It's best to explore them all, starting off in the neighborhood of Copacabana where you'll find the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel and then moving on towards Leme beach and Forte de Copacabana for some spectacular views.

Getting Around -

If you want explore Rio quickly and easily, then opt for a car service during your stay. This allows you to prioritize what's most important to you on your trip so that nothing is missed.

The world-famous Copacabana Beach is located outside the city in the same bay. This place has become a symbol of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil. The beach is very busy during the summer months, but it's worth visiting out of season to get a sense of what the city was like before tourism arrived.

Considered the birthplace of Samba, Rio is one of Brazil's most famous cities. It has become a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world and its location at the entrance to Guanabara Bay makes it an important port city.

Rio De Janeiro is one of Brazil's top destinations and many visitors come each year for Carnival.

Though Brazil is a massive country, Rio is the second largest city in Brazil. The coastal city has many beautiful beaches and scenic sights, but much of its charm comes from its vibrant culture. During carnival time it may be one of the best places to visit as well as during New Years Eve.





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