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Researchers have discovered a cannabis compound in an unexpected source

By: April Carson

On Thursday, a lead researcher announced that scientists have found cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, in a widespread Brazilian plant. This discovery has opened up new possibilities for the production of the increasingly popular substance.

Cannabis compounds have been used for centuries in traditional medicine, but the recent surge of interest in CBD has made it easier to access. This newfound discovery could make production cheaper and more sustainable, providing a significant boost to the industry.

According to molecular biologist Rodrigo Moura Neto of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, the team discovered CBD in the fruits and flowers of a plant called Trema micrantha blume. This shrub is widespread throughout much of South America and is often regarded as a weed. "It's exciting because this is an unexpected source for CBD and opens up the possibility of a new avenue for its production," Neto said.

The researcher’s team identified the presence of cannabidiol using several techniques, including chromatography and mass spectrometry. Although not as potent as cannabis varieties containing THC, CBD still has a variety of therapeutic properties. Moura Neto noted that further studies would be necessary to determine exactly how this new source might be used.

CBD is becoming more prevalent as a treatment option for conditions such as epilepsy, chronic pain, and anxiety. It is one of the primary active compounds found in cannabis, alongside tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the substance that induces a high in users.

Scientists have long been aware of the therapeutic potential of cannabis compounds, and this discovery could make it easier to access them. The next step will be to further investigate how Trema micrantha blume might be used as a source for CBD production.

The medical efficacy of the compound is still being researched. In the meantime, this new discovery is a step forward in understanding how cannabis compounds might be used to benefit patients.

According to Neto, "Trema" contains CBD but not THC, which could provide a new source of the former without facing the legal and regulatory obstacles of cannabis. This is especially significant in countries like Brazil where cannabis is still prohibited. With this discovery, there is potential for an abundant and accessible source of CBD for those who need it.

"This discovery is an exciting step forward in the global cannabis industry," said Moura Neto. "We’re hopeful that further research will enable us to utilize this unexpected source for the benefit of those who need it most."

Neto, who hasn't published his results yet, intends to expand his study to identify the optimal techniques to extract CBD from "Trema" and evaluate its effectiveness for treating patients with conditions that are currently managed with medical cannabis.

Recently, his team was granted 500,000 reals (US$104,000) from the Brazilian government to fund their research. He estimates that the research will take a minimum of five years to complete.

The research team's discovery offers exciting possibilities for the future of medical cannabis. With further investigation, we could be able to access this compound from a more sustainable and accessible source than ever before.

According to a study conducted by Vantage Market Research last year, the global CBD market was estimated to be nearly worth $5 billion, with a projected growth to over $47 billion by 2028. This substantial growth is expected to be driven mainly by the increasing use of CBD in health and wellness products.

The discovery of CBD in "Trema" could open up new possibilities for medical cannabis. Further research will enable us to understand the full potential of this unexpected source and unlock its ability to benefit those who need it most.

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