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Racist texts reveal California police talked about hurting and killing Black people

By: April Carson

Racist text messages about killing Black people were exchanged between at least 15 police officers in Torrance, Ca., according to the Los Angeles Times.

In 2018, officers Matt Concannon and Anthony Chavez were charged with shooting Christopher DeAndre Mitchell in the back without legal justification. The contents of some of their messages were discovered as part of an investigation following the death of 23-year-old Christopher DeAndre Mitchell in 2018. When the family held a vigil outside the police station the next day, the cops shared text messages calling Mitchell various racial slurs.

“We really need to start killing these motherf***ers, don’t you think?” one officer wrote.

“I think so,” Chavez replied. The texts also reveal the officers discussing ways to target and hurt Black people without getting caught.

“We was going to inform you all the N-word family members are furious in front of the station,” stated one. “When they announce my name, is there a gun cleaning party at my house? ” asked another officer. "Absolutely let's all just post in your yard with lawn chairs and fire rifles," replied another officer.

Two more cops, Christopher Tomsic and Cody Weldin, were discovered spray-painting a swastika on an impounded automobile. A search warrant for the case was executed recently, revealing that at least 15 other police officers had sent violent, racist and homophobic messages for years but were being suppressed by attorneys for the cops.

Documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveal that the group's leaders were aware of the organization's bigoted views. They also included cartoons showing Black and Latino people with ape features, as well as remarks about lynching Black suspects and murdering Black children.

“I was just about to walk by when I saw this...," one person wrote. “D.A. shoot team asking me why they are all hung from a noose and shot 8 times in the back of the head.” Another termed a Black child a "n*gglet." Others threatened violence against children, claiming that they would “put down" them.

Tomsic and Weldin depart the department in 2020, their circumstances unclear. Officer Brian Kawamoto stated his desire to see Torrance returned to its former glory and denoted Black Lives Matter protesters as "savages." Lawyer Tom Yu, representing some of the officers vociferously defended their statements.

"Why did the police have the constitutional right to seize my message and use it against me if I sent it to my coworker?" Yu questioned. "If I'm carrying out an enforcement as a police officer, and my feelings aren't involved in that decision, then why does it matter how I feel?"

The majority of the officers involved with the texting scandal are still employed by the Torrance Police Department. Sergeant Ronald Harris, the only officer to be fired in connection with the scandal, is currently appealing his termination.

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