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Many of us feel the pressure of being black in America and it feels weighted and heavy and unfair at times. Many of them feel the pressure of being white in America and it feels weighted and heavy and unfair at times.

America legislated the classification of “white” to give dominance over the classification of being black. If that is not mental manipulation, then I don’t know what is, but this is a manipulation that hurts both ways. Centuries of laws were created giving whites rights to live individually and to grow freely within the system while limiting blacks’ rights to live individually and to grow freely within the system. And these mental and social dynamics of differences have been passed down from generation to generation. Who are we without the system? Who are you without the system?

If no one ever told you that your skin color gave you some advantage that others (including yourself) believed, who would you be? If no one ever told you that your skin color gave you some disadvantage that others (including yourself) believed, who would you be?

Did these laws and perpetual beliefs limit who you could be and you didn’t even know it? Did these laws damage and hinder the development of our prefrontal cortex and our limbic system?

Are these laws and beliefs the reason we are not all living in a type of Garden of Eden for all mankind on this beautiful Earth? Could this belief system be the only reason we have the poor, the downtrodden, and the impoverished?

How can anyone be without in a world so full of everything unless belief dictates their mind that they don’t deserve to partake?

Have we damaged our amygdala and made it too easily reactive to the site of other human beings? Do you really have a reason to be scared of me because the sun kissed me with darker skin?

Are black people and white people in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze?

Some white people want to go back to the old days where the laws were powerful enough to impose their belief of superiority upon others while some black people are in a constant state of fight mode to just feel accepted as humans in the system. It was never the laws that made me inferior, or you superior; it was my belief that made it true.

It was never the laws that empowered the divide amongst us, those laws are just words on a piece of paper. It is our conscious and unconscious belief in the laws that divided and still divides that limit our capacities to become. And it is these old beliefs that must be flipped for us all to get unstuck from an old model that is not beneficial for any of us.

Our limbic system is the first part of the brain that takes in outside data and gives emotions and expression to the experience or information received. The limbic system then tags this information or experience as meaningful, useful, safe, dangerous, good, bad, etc. Then this information passes through our temporal, occipital and parietal lobes where it is processed and compared to past experiences or information, if any.

From there, this information or experience travels to the prefrontal cortex, which is the CEO of our brain and body and it’s this part of the brain that decides what to do or not to do. If the PFC is fully developed and functioning optimally, humans can focus clearly, have forethought, good judgment, insight, impulse control, organization, planning, problem-solving, learning from experience and the ability to feel and express emotions, including empathy towards other humans.

The limbic system gives space to create our emotions and the PFC makes the decision of action or inaction considering those emotions. Human beings’ PFCs, however, are not fully developed until around 25. This conditioning of race and labels at such an early age are so damaging to the mind. So now we have underdeveloped PFC humans thinking they are superior or bad or sinful because they go by a label and other PFC humans thinking they are inferior or bad or sinful because they go by a label.

Neither of them, however, are consciously aware that the labels are only imaginative constructs within a created system that somehow becomes more important than the people in it. With all this knowledge we carry in our hand, we still choose not to know better. It’s like an addiction and we don’t even realize we are race addicts. Race addicts with a phone with internet—the greatest technological individual advantage we have ever had, but we still choose to just believe who others say we are or can be.

These arbitrary labels operate only to blind us and to belittle our greatness, but if we use our brains optimally, we break the spell.

And because this dichotomy of belief is engrained into our minds before our PFC is fully developed, we misapply the PFC’s ability to make good decisions with good insight and forethought and we just follow the leader.

Instead, we continue to elect political officials that only perpetuate the systems of divisions through silly laws, rules and regulations. Laws that are unjust and meant only to further divide or reinforce superiority or inferiority complexes whether based in skin color or money are just indications that our brains’ Anterior Cingular Gyrus is stuck and is not functioning optimally. And our ability to live in the flow of this beautiful world together is hindered.

We are greater than the system we have created, and we must never forget that. Money, as some may say, is the key to everything, yet it can’t open doors.

Do you have the courage to take back control over your own brain power?




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