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Pyramids Have Been Found In Russia ‘Twice' As Old As Those In Egypt, Rewriting Human History

By: April Carson

The search for the world's first pyramids on the Kola Peninsula might confirm the existence of a long-forgotten society in Russia. The people who lived here are likely to have predated the Egyptians by a long time. Archaeological digs at the Kola Peninsula's pyramid sites, which are thought to be at least twice as old as Egyptian Pyramids, were restarted last year after a lengthy break. It is still unknown who or how they were constructed.

While the Egyptian pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs and their consorts, the function of the Russian pyramids is a mystery. Some believe they may have been used for astronomical observations or as a kind of calendar. Others think they could have had a religious or spiritual purpose.

The Kola Peninsula is a peninsula in Russia's European portion of the country. It lies between the Barents and White Seas. It has an area of about 100,000 square kilometers. The tundra vegetation in the north is sparse, but there is a lot further south where it grows thicker and more forested.

The finding of the world's oldest pyramids on the Kola Peninsula, which appears to confirm the mythical Hyperborea, indicates that it existed. The Kola Peninsula has recently become a popular destination for scientists and explorers.

The site of the pyramids was discovered in 1999 by Vladimir Porfiryev, a Russian engineer. He was driving through the region when he noticed an unusual hill. When he got closer, he realized that it was not a natural formation.

According to some of the scientists who went on a scientific expedition to this perplexing location, the Kola Peninsula may be Earth's oldest civilization's birthplace.

Scientists' findings of step pyramids and massive stone slabs that were precisely cut 9000-40000 years ago lend support to this fantastic concept.

On the Kola Peninsula, archaeologists have studied intriguing pyramid structures with the potential to rewrite history. The pyramids were constructed with care and are thought to be at least 9,000 years old, which might make them older than Göbekli Tepe, the world's oldest temple.

In the early 1920s, Alexander Vasilyevich Barchenko (1881–1938), a Russian scholar, came with a scientific team to investigate the perplexing, yet still unknown ancient monuments in Russia's remote area. Barchenko was not a conventional scientist, and his ideas are controversial today, as well as intriguing. He believed that the Earth was hollow, with an opening at the North Pole, and that a lost civilization lived inside.

He also thought that the pyramids were built by this lost civilization, and were used as energy generators. The Kola pyramids have since been studied by other researchers who have found evidence to support Barchenko's theory.

Barchenko came to the conclusion that the Kola Pyramids were constructed by a lost civilization of Hyperborea, a mythical island claimed by the ancient Greeks. Hecataeus of Miletus (550 BC-476 BC), Greece's earliest known historian, imagined that the holy site at Hyperborea was located "beyond the territory of the Celts on an island in the ocean...belonging to another race."

Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, traveled to the unknown country of Hyperborea on his swan drawn chariot every day, according to Diodorus Siculus (90 BC-30 BC), a Greek historian.

“Opposite to the coast of Celtic Gaul is an island in the sea, not less than Sicily, located to the north—which is inhabited by the Hyperboreans because they dwell beyond the North Wind. This island has a pleasant environment, fertile soil, and everything else it takes for life; it produces twice a year.” Diodorus observed.

“The island is both rectangular and triangular in shape, and it lies in the ocean at a considerable distance from any other land. The following story is told about it by those who profess to know. There are certain rivers flowing down from the mountains that circle the island, which empty into a lagoon; this lagoon has a narrow entrance to the open sea, and the land surrounding is full of all kinds of trees.”

The first thing that’s important to note is that Diodorus doesn’t mention any pyramids on the island of Sicily—he only says that it’s rectangular and triangular in shape. So, if there were any pyramids on the island, they would have been built after Diodorus’ time.

According to Diodorus' account in Historic Library, Greek goddess Leto, the daughter of Coeus and Phoebe, the sister of Asteria, and the mother of Apollo and Artemis was born in Hyperborea and is worshipped more than any other god by the people there. They are, in a way, his priests because they constantly praise him and present him with honors.

“There is a beautiful Apollo grove on the island as well as a magnificent circular temple with many dedicated offerings. There is also a city named after the same God, which is home to most of its inhabitants, who play their harps at the temple and sing praises to God for his accomplishments every day. The Hyperboreans have their own language and are strongly linked to the Greeks, particularly the Athenians and Delians.”

It is further stated that the moon appears to be extremely close to the earth in this island, that certain terrestrial elevations can be clearly seen, that Apollo returns once every nineteen years, during which time the stars complete their cycle, and that for this reason, the Greeks named the cycle of nineteen years "the great year."

The idea of a place like Hyperborea was likely first conceived by the ancient Greeks. Herodotus, one of the most famous Greek historians, wrote about a land called Scythia, which was said to be north of the Danube River.

However, no trace of it has yet been found, and many scholars think that does not necessarily indicate it did not exist. Hyperborea's submerged ancient remains may still be discovered. Could the abandoned Kola Pyramids in Russia's North represent the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten, sophisticated ancient culture about which we know very little?

Barchenko believes that people from the northern regions arrived approximately 12,000 years ago. During the so-called Golden Age, which took place around 10,000-12,000 years ago, a massive flood drove Aryan tribes fleeing there from the north. The Aryan peoples left the Kola Peninsula and migrated south.

"This was the time of the global cataclysm," Barchenko said. "Aryan tribes were ruined, and their remnants approached the southern borders of India, where they founded a new civilization."

Could it be possible that a lost ancient civilization once thrived on Russia's Kola Peninsula? If so, what happened to it and why is there no trace of it today?

These are the questions that have been baffling researchers ever since a series of strange pyramid-shaped structures were discovered on the peninsula in the late 1990s.

The late Russian scientist, after studying Masonic literature, gradually came to the conclusion that the Hyperboreans were a highly advanced society with the capacity for atomic energy, levitation, and flight. He also thought that Sami shaman elders on the Kola Peninsula kept alive ancient knowledge from Hyperborea.

While his ideas never were verified, they are nevertheless fascinating to researchers of alternative ancient history. On April 25, 1938, Bashenko was shot dead in Moscow as part of the Great Purge.

In the fall of 2007, a Russian expedition team went to investigate the Kola Pyramids. Among these specialists were Pulkovo Observatory press secretary Sergey Smirnov, candidate for a physical and mathematical science degree from the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Valery Chudinov, Professor of RANS, and Dmitry Subetto, Professor and Doctor of Geological and Geographical Sciences from Russia's RAS.

The researchers had not expected the journey to be more difficult and hazardous than they had anticipated. The Kola Pyramids are located in a remote location, and the locals, the Laps, were hesitant to guide them through the path.

Russian experts allegedly took a look at the pyramids from a helicopter, but owing to the thick vegetation, not all of the structures were visible.

The students arrived at the old camp and discovered these unusual constructions after their chopper nearly collided. According to Russian geologists, the Kola pyramids are two 50-meter-high structures joined by a bridge and oriented to the cardinal points that are separated by a span of 100 meters.

One of the researchers said, “We carried a one-of-a-kind device, the most advanced geophysical equipment - the Oko georadar – on our journey.” The Oko can penetrate up to 200 meters into the ground.

“Our task was to explore an area of 1,000 square kilometers and look for any traces of human activity or unusual natural phenomena. We have found a lot of interesting things, but the most surprising discovery was the Kola pyramids.”

Just as an x-ray machine "shines through" any object's interior, the tool "penetrates" it. The geologists reached a firm conclusion: the heights are artificial in origin and are not natural hills; rather, they are human-made pyramids - the result of human hands. There are holes and unknown spaces inside the pyramids.

“For example, one pyramid is located near the village of Ushkaniemi. It is 500 meters high and has a base width of 700 meters. There are entrances to the pyramid, which are currently blocked by boulders. In addition, there are two more pyramids in the vicinity, about three kilometers apart from each other.

The findings were published in Collective Spark.

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