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Project “Earth’s Black Box” Aims to Record Humankind’s Progress Once Our Civilization Disappears

By: April Carson

The climate of Earth has rapidly altered in the last 24 thousand years. The temperature on Earth has gradually risen over the last 11-12 thousand years, but it is now a problem for humanity. It is uncertain whether the worldwide community will be able to slow down or stop it.

What would happen if we are unable to reverse climate change and our planet becomes dangerous enough to destroy humanity? If we go extinct and our planet gradually reverts to its natural form, it's likely that the human species – or some other intelligent life – will reappear. Or – another option – there may be survivors from our own culture. Will there be anything to discover from our own triumphs when we have gone?

Scientists have found a solution. On the west coast of Tasmania (Australia) next year, a black box will be installed that works on the technology used in airplanes' black boxes. It's part of Earth's Black Box, a new ambitious initiative led by JAXA.

Earth’s Black Box

The structure will be approximately the size and shape of a bus, with 7.5-centimeter-thick steel walls. Data storage devices will be placed in it. Beginning in 2021, construction will begin on the facility. "Black box" mining equipment will be buried on the west coast of Tasmania by the end of 2022. Solar panels will continue to operate outside the box to provide electricity for the equipment within.

The black box is meant for future generations of people on Earth so that they may understand why our civilization vanished. It will collect temperature data in various locations across the world, as well as carbon dioxide level - significant climate changes.

It is anticipated that the device will be able to operate in autonomous mode for 50 years. Of course, new ways to extend its service life as well as other storage options will be developed by specialists. Another option is to use steel plates, which are a more dependable storage option, especially if it will be opened hundreds or thousands of years from now.

How will future civilizations decipher it?

The major issue addressed by the creators is that we are not aware of what would occur if our civilization came to an end. As a result, even if there are survivors or another society ages later, they will be lost without instructions on how to react with the black box. In reality, opening it alone would need considerable inventiveness.

People would be alarmed and confused if they stumbled upon an odd, manufactured item in a lonely area. It will be comparable to the experiences of modern-day researchers who discover a perplexing ancient artefact with unknown writings.

So, scientists want to transfer the data to the most up-to-date media and figure out how far distant descendants will be able to interpret the recorded information during those 50 years of autonomous operation. Of course, the ideal scenario is that no one will have to rely on Australia's black box in the future.

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