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Oculus founder has made a VR headset that would kill you if you died in a game

By: April Carson

Palmer Luckey, the founder of Oculus VR, has upped the ante for "permadeath" in video games. Normally, this setting means that if a character dies within the game, it's Game Over and all progress made is lost. However, Luckey has created a virtual reality (VR) headset which would kill the wearer if their avatar died inside of the game.

Luckey, who sold his company to Facebook for $2 billion in 2014, based his creation on the popular Japanese novel series Sword Art Online. In this series, players are trapped in a large VR combat simulator.

"In other words, if you die in the game, you also die in reality," Luckey clarified further in his blog post.

"NerveGear," which simulates a person's nervous system and gives them a full immersion into the digital world, is what the characters are laced into before they're killed in the series, Forbes reported.

While Luckey's design is not as advanced as NerveGear, it would still be a highly dangerous device if used irresponsibly.

"It would literally kill people," he wrote. "That seems really bad."

Luckey, who left Oculus in 2017 to begin Anduril Industries--a defense contractor--explained that if a user dies playing the game, their headset will explode and kill them.

He wrote glowingly about his company's new killer feature, nerve-gear technology.

“I have only managed to figure out the half of virtual reality that is deadly. The other, perfect-VR half is still far off in the future.”

Luckey insists that this is the only VR headset in existence with the capability to kill whoever wears it. However, as frustrated as it is that this product even exists, it hasn’t actually been utilized by anyone – and according to Luckey, never will be. He described the headset more as a piece of “office art” than an actual functional product.

The recent creation has gained the attention of gamers, but people who work within the industry are not very thrilled with it. One user on Twitter called it the “dumbest thing” he had ever seen.

While the product may be more shocking than anything else, it still brings up valid points about the future of virtual reality. Namely, that we are still far away from perfecting the technology.

Max Daniels, head of gaming at communications consultancy FieldHouse Associates told Verdict, "Luckey's 'modified' headset has no doubt grabbed headlines. However, it is suggesting a world that reality is far from. In truth, it is more mundane."

Daniels said that the headset was "simply a gimmick" and criticized it for being in poor taste. He also said that it didn't have much impact on the gaming market as a whole.

Luckey's headset may not become commonplace, but it does emphasize the advancements of virtual reality technology. The metaverse is a digital world where users can engage with one another in real-time experiences. This is the future that Luckey is hoping to create with his headset.

VR headsets have the potential to provide users with an immersive experience.

Facebook rebranding themselves to Meta last year caused quite a stir, leading to many people trying to learn more about the metaverse.

Metaverse companies have collected a total of $10.4 billion from investment firms in 571 deals this year, as stated by data from research firm GlobalData. Compared to last year's 438 deals worth over $6.1 billion, this is tremendous growth for the metaverse industry.

Despite being the company to start the metaverse trend, Meta has yet to see any benefits financially. Its investors have even gone as far as telling The Zuck (Meta's CEO) to stop investing so much money into the metaverse while the company continues to deliver disappointing results each quarter. These unsatisfactory outcomes led Meta announcements of more mass layoffs this week.

The metaverse is still in its early days, with a lot of investment going into research and development. However, it seems that the market is ripe for companies to start making a profit off of this new technology. Meta may be struggling financially, but other companies are seeing great success in the metaverse industry.

While Luckey's permadeath headset may not have a significant impact on Meta's plans, it does make Zuckerberg seem less ambitious in comparison. Even so, Facebook's CEO is still planning on attending the Code Conference later this month to discuss his company's plans for the metaverse.

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