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New Streaming Service Lets Viewers Explore the Hidden and Mysterious World Around Them

4biddenknowledge.TV is Enlightenment Through Entertainment.

WESTON, Fla., July 2, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Television or learning a new skill? Entertainment or education? Relaxation or productivity? That has been the constant battle playing out in everyone's mind during the COVID-19 lockdown. With 4biddenknowledge TV there's no need to choose; viewers can have both. is a new streaming network with amazing shows for the entire family. Viewers can attend esoteric workshops and lectures from around the world. They can engage in science shows that will take them on a journey traveling through wormholes across the universe and send them back down to the smallest quantum states of atoms. Audiences can nourish their souls with knowledge for ascension episodes by speakers they know and love. Those drawn to technology and philosophy can learn more about the knowledge of self.

"For many people this has been a time of deep introspection," explains Billy Carson, acclaimed producer, actor and CEO of 4biddenknowledge. "People realize now how interconnected our world is. Borders may be closed but they want to explore their world! They want to learn how to cook new dishes, to learn about ancient philosophies, about the megalithic structures around the world and what they mean. They want to know if there's a hidden meaning in the universe and they're looking inward as well. People want to explore the depths of their own soul, the very atoms that make them up and whether modern and ancient spirituality and scientific beliefs can coexist. Does all of this mean something? With 4biddenknowledge TV, the whole family can be entertained and taught new skills all while exploring their own consciousness." gives viewers the opportunity to analyze the seen and unseen world like never before. They can gain a deep understanding of the mathematical codes that gave birth to the universe. Audiences will probe questions like 'could we be living in a fractal holographic matrix? What does that mean for humanity? What is the nature of our reality? How do mathematical codes create our perceptions of the world?'

Subscribers to 4biddenknowledge TV can enjoy incredible nature documentaries, new and unique cooking shows, meditation, physical exercise and yoga videos designed to help them discover the true divine nature of their soul. They can expand their knowledge with exploration of super ancient texts, glyphs, and cuneiform tablets from around the world and perhaps even learn their hidden meanings.

For a limited time, 4biddenknowledge is offering a FREE trial. 4biddenknowledge TV apps are live on Apple TV, Roku, iOS, GooglePlay, and Amazon Fire Stick or the web

For more information or to start using your very own passport to a world of scientific, spiritual and ancient knowledge, visit

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:

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