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Neville Thompson - The Man With The Gigapan

Thompson's GigaPans have helped to create hundreds of anomaly hunters worldwide.

On August 6, 2012 the Mars Curiosity Rover landed on Mars. The Curiosity Rover is designed to explore the Gale crater on Mars as part of NASA's Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission. The rover is still operational, and as of February 18, 2021, Curiosity has been on Mars for 3035 sols (3117 Earth days) since landing on the red planet. Total hours: 74558 since landing. Total distance traveled: 24.24 km (15.06 mi).

Since the NASA servers began collecting and storing the images from the rover, Neville Thompson has done an amazing job cataloging the data and making it available in a format that everyone on the planet can access and explore. Neville Thompson is an artist and editor in the United Kingdom. His personal work and research has been featured in films, documentaries, TV's shows and conferences all around the world.

Since the advent of the GigaPan, groups on social media like the United Family Of Anomaly Hunters, Martian Genesis and many others have used Thompson's GigaPans to perform a new type of science. These fields of science are known as Archeo-Astronomy and Astro-Anthropology. The researchers have used Thompson's GigaPans to research and catalogue tens of thousands of anomalies. In a nutshell, GigaPan Robotic Camera Mounts create photographs, section by section, in a series of rows and columns determined by the focal length of the lens used and the angle of view of the scene you wish to capture.

Neville Thompson relentlessly creates and posts his GigaPans across all social media platforms daily. Often posting to dozens on online Facebook groups and Pages. Thompson's GigaPans have helped to create hundreds of anomaly hunters worldwide. Thompson's GigaPans can be accessed here:

With the arrival of NASA's Perseverance Rover Feb 18th 2021 on Mars, we can expect a slew of new GigaPans coming from Neville Thompson for years to come!



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