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Neuro Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons and Mind Control towards Targeted Individuals !

Original Source - Deborah Tavares

Writer : Dollie Eanna Indigostar - 4biddenknowledge.Tv

The top video taken from POI Deborah Taveres Youtube channel present forward agenda and use of NEURO weapons, in a collective infastructure built by the NSA-GOV in a deep state globall opperation. Specifically designed for impact, agenda, cause and effect towards specific Person of Interest POI - and other Targeted Individuals - with advanced technologies using MK Ultra population control.

By using these Neuro Weapons, Directed Energy Weapons, and especially for the population for Mind Control purposes where the whole population can be controlled by the flick of the invisable frequency switch, quickly and frequency alligned to the individual, raises questions as to how many of us have been targeted in this infastructure of the deep agenda of the hypnotic, mind control state switch.

In the video we see former Ex-MI5 Microwave Scientist /Whistleblower Barry Trower talk with a very interesting breakdown of microwave technologies and how it is used to target specific individuals of interest in what is called ( AA) - Action Attack - which is just one scenario of how individuals can be dierctly hit with energy weapons sometimes having " catastrophic results such as suicidal thoughts and voices which can all be easily triggered by the flick of a switch " explains Trower, the footage makes points of interest that connect to the huge entanglement of Elite agendas for full mindcontrol, ID recognition. In the footage Edward Snowden Ex NSA Analyst Whistleblower also states in the footage "Basically every digital communication,every radio communication, every analouge communication that it has sensors in place to detect through all digital devices"

This footage and information is of interest to many within the Disclosure communities.

Second Footage below is an interview with Deborah Taveres discussing Targeted Individuals from her own experiences.

Inetrview PODCAST with Ella and Dr Matt FFTI Youtube Channel.

Deborah Taveres YouTube Channel:

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