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NASA has announced that a solar storm is expected to hit Earth today

By: April Carson

The solar storm is an unusual event in which the sun's surface generates bursts of electromagnetic energy, resulting in a large number of particles flowing. These particles can interact with the Earth's magnetic field, causing a geomagnetic storm.

This can result in auroras being seen at lower latitudes than usual, as well as disruptions to radio communications and power grids. The solar storm is expected to peak later today, and NASA has advised people to take precautions against the potential impacts.

According to NASA, a solar storm is expected to directly strike Earth on March 28th. A solar storm is an event in which sunspot magnetic eruptions cause a large number of particles to flow from the surface of the sun. The United Kingdom faces a danger of a severe solar storm colliding with its atmosphere.

The difference of opinion between NASA and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on the date of the solar storm's collision with Earth is worth noting. According to NASA, the impact with Earth will occur at 6 AM on March 28, whereas NOAA of America claims that this occurrence will happen 18 hours ago. During the collision, a brilliant glow may be observed in areas such as the UK.

The atmosphere will fluoresce when the solar winds enter the Earth's magnetic field or atmosphere, which is known as Aurora Polaris. It's also known as Northern Light in the northern hemisphere and Northern Light in the southern.

Dr Tamitha Skov is a popular figure known as the "space weather woman" who has foretold high-frequency radio disruptions and reception on any side of Earth at any time of day during the storm.

She stated: "It's going to be a pretty good storm. We're definitely due for one."

The last time a geomagnetic storm of this magnitude hit Earth was on March 15, 2006. It caused auroras as far south as Cuba and induced power grid fluctuations in Sweden.

Furthermore, she mentioned that the damage caused by this accident may be seen all the way into mid-latitudes. When asked whether individuals in rural parts of New York would be able to observe the brilliant light as it collided with the sky, Dr. Pecaut stated, "It's possible that people in rural regions of New York will notice it."

Furthermore, the Aurora will be observable in New Zealand and Tasmania, where the storm is due to strike around sunset. These regions may be illuminated owing to sufficient darkness.

The storm is not expected to be as powerful as the one in 1859, which was so large that it caused fires in telegraph offices. Nevertheless, it could still cause problems for electronic equipment on Earth. A solar storm of this magnitude occurs about once every hundred years.

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