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Mysteries of the Human Heart

The human coronary heart, the dimensions of grownup fists, is mysterious, intelligent, effective, and from time to time inexplicable. The Egyptians believed that Anubis, the god of the underworld and choose of the dead, weighed the hearts of the currently deceased towards a feather — if the 2 balanced, the coronary heart could be again to owner.

If the coronary heart changed into heavier, it changed into weighted with the aid of using awful deeds and fed to a monster.

Heart as Ruler of the Brain

Aristotle taken into consideration the coronary heart because the middle of reason, thought, and emotion, senior to the mind in importance. Ninth century Arabic Philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi believed that, “The ruling organ withinside the human frame is the coronary heart; the mind is a secondary ruling organ subordinated to the coronary heart.”

Auguste Comte, a nineteenth century French philosopher declared that the mind need to be servant to the coronary heart.

The Heart-Brain Connection

If you could study this, your coronary heart is thrashing at two times the tempo of maximum animals — and people have vascular disease, even as our cousins the amazing apes do not. With its personal electric impulse, the human coronary heart can retain to overcome if taken from the frame. Beating coronary heart cells grown in Petri dishes synchronize with every other. The coronary heart emits a signature electric frequency heaps of instances greater effective than whatever else withinside the frame.

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