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Mt. Washington, New Hampshire, hits -108 degrees - the coldest wind chill temperature in US history

By: April Carson

A historic low-temperature record was broken at the highest peak of the Northeast United States on Saturday morning, with wind chill temperatures plunging impressively below zero.

On Saturday, Mount Washington recorded a staggering national wind chill of 108 degrees below 0 - an astonishing temperature considering the actual temperature was already negative 47 and winds were blowing at 89 mph. This is the lowest wind chill temperature ever recorded in the US.

The freezing temperatures were no match for the brave researchers and weather observers who work on Mount Washington, a 6288-foot summit that's been home to the country's highest peak since 1853.

In the neighboring community of Frenchville, Maine, wind chill levels plummeted to an incredible and perilously low -61°F. According to a recent forecast discussion by the National Weather Service for lower elevations in northern New England: "We are nearing extreme temperatures that many have not experienced during their lifetime."

These temperatures are especially dangerous given the rapid rate of wind chill decrease. When winds exceed 45 mph, it can cause cold air to penetrate clothing, quickly robbing body heat and increasing the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. When exposed to this level of frigid air, layers are essential for protection from the elements. Wearing multiple layers of airtight clothing and heavy outerwear such as ski coats are necessary to keep warm and safe.

On Friday night, the National Weather Service in Portland/Gray, Maine witnessed an exceptional event: the tropopause – which marks the division between our atmospheric layer where weather happens (the troposphere) and one above it (the stratosphere) - descended below Mount Washington's peak. This caused temperatures to drop dramatically, and with winds entering the triple digits, Mt. Washington experienced a record low of -108 degrees Fahrenheit in wind chill temperature. This is the coldest wind chill temperature ever recorded in the United States.

The National Weather Service reported the coldest 850mb temperature at GYX was -35.5 °C, which is a stunning number. We can't guarantee that Mt. Washington experienced stratospheric temperatures, but it's likely given how close the tropopause started just below its summit.

Francis Tarasiewicz, a meteorologist from the Mt. Washington Observatory, has informed us that his team will be able to detect multiple layers of the atmosphere with their specialized equipment. That same equipment will allow them to monitor the tropopause and any future temperature changes to come.

He noted that the highest concentrations of ozone are located in the lower stratosphere, and we will be able to detect a distinctive bleach-like smell as evidence. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the signs of this odor.

For now, one thing remains clear: Mount Washington stands as a testament to the power of nature's extremes, reminding us that even in this day and age, record-breaking events can still occur.

The cold temperatures at Mt. Washington are astonishing, yet they demonstrate the power of nature and its unpredictable changes. With the right resources, we can gain an understanding of our environment that allows us to make informed decisions and prepare for the future.

The Mount Washington Observatory cautioned that the blistering cold winds will bring lethal conditions to those attempting to reach higher peaks, urging extreme caution. With temperatures dropping as low as -108 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind chills making it feel like -145 degrees, this is certainly no place for the faint of heart.

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