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MIT Scientists Propose Space Bubbles to Reverse Global Warming

By: April Carson

MIT bubbles may be manufactured in space right now, forming a large deflective raft to minimize the sun's light. Geoengineering, as we know it, would come to an end. The bubbles would be stationed at the Lagrangian Point between Earth and the Sun.

The idea was first proposed in a 2006 paper by MIT atmospheric scientist David Keith and colleagues. It involves creating a giant cloud of reflective particles in space to cool the planet by reflecting some of the sunlight back into space.

MIT researchers have investigated bubbles in space, which may be one of the most efficient thin-film structures for deflecting solar energy. The engineers have proposed a system of space bubbles that could be used to reflect a small amount of sunlight back into space, cooling the planet in the process. The bubbles would act as mirrors, reflecting some of the sun's energy back into space.

The research was led by MIT postdoc Andrew Jones, who is now a professor at the University of Colorado Boulder. Jones and colleagues say that their proposal could be a more efficient way to reflect sunlight than other geoengineering proposals, such as injecting sulfate aerosols into the stratosphere.

"It is well known that if you want to reflect sunlight away from Earth, it is most effective to do so near the sun," said Jones. "But what has not been appreciated is that there is a way to do this using a much simpler and less expensive technology."

This is based on the research of Roger Angel, who first proposed using thin reflective films in space. They developed an inventive solution that is readily deployable and fully reversible, which builds on his work.

This Space-based option would be more secure. It is capable of deflecting 1.8 percent of incoming solar radiation before it reaches the planet. It will completely reverse global warming today.

The bubble array would be composed of inflatable plastic shields. They would be arranged in a ring around the planet. Each shield would be about 32 meters wide and just 3 microns thick.

The shield's material is still being developed, but it will need to be extremely light and strong. The scientists envision that each one will cost about $10,000 to make.

After the shields are deployed, they would be inflated with air or gas. This would make them expand to several times their size.

In 2007, Devon Crowe of PSI corporation produced a research for NASA Advanced Innovative Conceps that suggested using metals or UV curing to make sturdy bubbles for constructing huge space constructions.

A single bubble may be 10 meters high in earth gravity, 1000 kilometers in low earth orbit, or 10000 kilometers in deep space. The bubbles within foams formed of many bubbles might be considerably larger.

The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is presently approximately 750 billion tons, or 750 gigatons. Before the industrial revolution, we had 417 ppm of CO2 versus 285 ppm today. 135 times 5.5 billion tons equals 742 billion pounds. Every year, human activity adds around 40 billion tones of CO2 to the environment.

The research team proposes lofting a trillion bubbles into the stratosphere. The bubbles would be filled with CO2 and other greenhouse gases. They would then act as a shield, blocking some of the sun’s incoming energy and reflecting it back out to space.

With mechanized-automation of agriculture, Chinese officials hope to have more than 2 million hectares of greenhouse complexes by 2025. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs released a policy calling for increased infrastructure improvements and mechanization to boost production and farmers' income. China will have over 2 million hectares of facilities by 2025, including plastic greenhouses, and facility-based planting with more than 50% mechanization in the protected agriculture sector (CEA), also known as controlled-environment agriculture (CEA).

The increased use of CEA is often justified by claims that it can reduce water usage, land degradation, and chemical inputs while also providing higher yields and better quality produce. These systems are often used for off-season production or to grow crops not typically associated with a region. In China, cucumbers, strawberries, and chrysanthemums are grown in greenhouses year-round. Proponents also claim that CEA allows farmers to have greater control over their environment, which can minimize the risk of crop loss due to weather events.

There are already more than 500,000 hectares of climate-controlled greenhouses on the planet. China has 4 million hectares of crude plastic sheeting covering land in partially enclosed circumstances. The plastic sheets are draped over simple metal poles and rudimentary wooden frames.

The greenhouse tree solution may also be used with ocean iron fertilization. A growth of algae will result from the introduction of a hundred tons of iron filings into the sea. The algal bloom can be consumed by fish and result in the uptake of several million tons of CO2 to the bottom of the seas.

It is essential that international cooperation takes place to mitigate and adapt to climate change. Climate change is a global problem, and it requires a global solution.

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