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Missouri Mayor To Give Each Home $1,000 In Bitcoin

By: April Carson

Missouri Mayor Jayson Stewart has announced that he is giving away $1000 worth of Bitcoin to every household in Cool Valley. This small town, with just under 1,500 residents seems like an appropriate place for such a bold move; after all it's not everyday you get to live on the cutting edge!

When asked what he loves most about Bitcoin, Jayson Stewart told Bitcoin Magazine in an interview that it has given him a new way of thinking about humanity and our future. "It's helped me see there are ways out," said the young man from Cool Valley who will soon be able to afford his tuition fee at university thanks only money earned through hard work on campus jobs such as landscaping or dish washing.

His plans were originally just $500 for giving every household within this district air drops—but after announcing them publicly they received funding across America!

“As of right now, the project is fully funded for $1,000 per household,” Stewart informed Coin Telegraph. “The story got so popular in a way that I never imagined.” Mayor Stewart plans to use the additional cash to look into energy-efficient solutions in Cool Valley.

During his interview with Bitcoin Magazine, Stewart described the challenges of raising awareness about Bitcoin on a larger scale, and how that altered his focus to providing 1,500 residential families access to Bitcoin.

Clearly, for Mayor Latham, the most essential aspect of his gift is ensuring that the Bitcoin is used to promote social progress and improve Cool Valley, as well as uplift individuals along the way.

According to Coin Telegraph, Stewart said that the Bitcoin airdrop's distribution logistics are not yet finished. To begin, he proposes organizing educational sessions for residents so they can understand what they will receive.

“We’re going to get people storing their own Bitcoin as soon as possible,” the mayor added. Mayor Stewart is also considering allowing customers to get higher sats if they keep their Bitcoin for a specific period of time, but will allow those who wish to sell to do so.

Mayor Jimmie M. Johnson, III has just joined the Advisory Board for the Midwest Bank Center, a local bank with over $2 billion in assets under management. Soon, he hopes to see a Bitcoin-friendly bank in town as well as other appealing Bitcoin business possibilities such as mining facilities and events.

“Bitcoin is essentially an American invention,” said Sachin. On the question of whether Bitcoin will eventually replace gold as a valuable asset, he added: “You know what? It looks like it may happen first. The fact is that Bitcoin has always been considered to be very much an American creation. It's the most American thing that's happened in the last 100 years.”

Sachin has even made it his goal to give every home in Springfield $1,000 in Bitcoin over the next five years. When asked about how he plans to accomplish this lofty goal, Sachin responded with optimism saying: “I'm not worried because people are starting to understand it more and more. They understand it's a great opportunity, a great way to make money, a great investment.”

Bitcoin has been received positively by the city of Springfield with reports that officials from the local Chamber of Commerce have approached Sachin about starting an ATM business in town. However, before Sachin can begin using Bitcoin as his method of payment, he will need to create the digital wallets for each citizen.

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