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Millions of dollars are paid for 'extraterrestrial' black diamond

By: April Carson

The world's largest cut stone was sold for over $4 million in cryptocurrency to an unknown buyer

The stone, a black diamond the size of one's palm, is said to have come from space. Although its origin is up for debate, it has been confirmed by scientists to be carbon. It contains rare impurities that are not found on earth.

At an online auction hosted by Sotheby's on Wednesday, a single unique black diamond - dubbed the Enigma - was sold for $4.292 million. The buyer paid for the stone using cryptocurrency, according to the auction house.

The buyer's name was not revealed by Sotheby's, however crypto entrepreneur Richard Heart claimed on Twitter that he had acquired the stone and intended to rename it the " diamond," after the blockchain platform he created.

The world's largest cut diamond, named the "Great Star of Africa," was carved from the rough stone by Sothilda II. It's bigger than the Golden Jubilee diamond, which is owned by King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand and weighs 545.67 carats (111 grams).

Sotheby's said the diamond was mined from a kimberlite pipe in South Africa and has an unusual combination of colors, which range from pink to red.

The stone is a type IIa diamond -- the rarest forms of natural diamonds. It contains no traces of nitrogen, meaning it likely formed several hundred kilometers below Earth's surface.

As such, the stone -- also called a black diamond -- is carbon-based and not that of an extraterrestrial origin as reported by some bloggers.

"It is often said that diamonds are found in igneous rocks where magma has been pushed to the surface of Earth and these diamonds can be brought up with lava," said

The Enigma is a carbonado, or black diamond formed from randomly oriented and innumerable tiny diamond grains. Carbonados' aggregate structure makes them the most durable diamonds, with near-impossible cutting and polishing.

Carbonados are extremely unusual; they date back billions of years and were thought to have originated in space, since they include osbornite, a mineral rarely found on Earth.

The black diamond is "one of the rarest, billion-year-old wonders known to humankind," according to Sotheby's, and it may be "of extraterrestrial origin."

It's not the only one in the world, though. There are also the Black Orlov and Amsterdam Diamond, but they're a lot smaller: just 67.50 carats and 33.74 carats respectively.

Both of those precious stones are far more expensive, too: the Black Orlov is estimated to be worth $2.5 million, while the Amsterdam Diamond is expected to fetch up to $1.3 million. NFT partner with Billy Carson


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