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Messages transmitted via a wormhole could be retrieved from spacecrafts

By: April Carson

If you have the unfortunate experience of tumbling through a dimensional portal, there's no turning back. But researchers believe that it may be possible to send one last message from the other side before the wormhole closes; this information was published in the November 15th edition of Physical Review D. According to the study, if a spacecraft is equipped with a powerful transmitter and positioned close enough to the wormhole's mouth, it could be used as an energy source for sending out signals. These signals can be detected by receivers located near the wormhole's exit point in our universe.

Although no one has physically witnessed a wormhole, scientists theorize that it could be used as a fast passage to remote parts of the universe or other galaxies. For decades physicists were aware that this particular type of wormholes would quickly collapse once any matter enters them. However, they weren't sure how immediate the occurrence was and also what implications such an event might have for something, or someone entering it.

Recently, scientists have made a breakthrough in understanding how this process works. They believe that the wormhole could remain stable for longer than expected and it would be possible to send messages through them.

A revolutionary computer program has recently been developed, demonstrating how a specific type of wormhole would behave as something passes through it.

Physicist Ben Kain of the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA explains: "We built a probe and sent it through our simulated wormhole. The goal wasn't necessarily to have it return, since we knew that the wormhole would eventually collapse — however, could a light signal make its way back before then? We discovered that this is indeed plausible."

This discovery could help to explain why messages transmitted via a wormhole could be retrieved from spacecrafts that have been traveling for long periods of time. It also has the potential to revolutionize interstellar communication, as it would allow us to send and receive signals reliably across great distances in no time at all.

Previous studies on wormholes have found that they could remain open and travelable with the help of a rather exotic form of matter known as “ghost matter.” According to Kain, this would be possible if the cosmic passages were supported by such energy-defying material.

In principle, ghost matter interacts with gravity in the exact opposite way that standard matter does. For instance, a ghost-matter apple would ascend from an apple tree branch as opposed to descending. While this is theoretically possible according to Einstein's theory of general relativity, Kain stresses that it likely doesn't exist in reality.

However, ghost matter could be used to transmit messages through the wormhole without having a significant effect on its structure. This would mean that messages could be sent from one end of the passage and received at the other associated spacecrafts within a fraction of a second. Wormholes, then, have emerged as viable options for interstellar communication.

Despite this, Kain simulated a ghost matter traveling through a wormhole and discovered that it resulted in the widening of the hole, rather than its closure.

Kain's simulation verified that if anything created of typical matter was to travel through the wormhole, it would cause a collapse that slowly closes off the entrance and leaves behind something akin to a black hole. That being said, this process occurs at such an expedited rate that any probes moving quickly enough can still send signals back to us before the mouth of the wormhole is completely shut.

Despite the possibility of one day discovering a wormhole, Kain is not interested in sending people through it. As he explains, "The only thing that should enter this portal is an automated capsule with a video camera attached." This will be solely a one-way journey but we can still obtain footage and visuals from what the device captures as its travels through time and space.

Ultimately, the goal of a wormhole is to connect two distant points together in the universe and allow communication between them. It goes without saying that if used properly, these tunnels could potentially revolutionize intergalactic travel and exploration.

While the idea of sending a spacecraft through a wormhole is exciting, it will take much more research and development before this can be done in practice. We do not want to risk jeopardizing the safety of our astronauts by rushing into something that we are not prepared for.

At present, Kain believes that the best use for a wormhole is for the transmission of messages. By using spacecrafts to send and retrieve messages, travelling through a wormhole would become much faster than traditional means.

While this might be a difficult endeavor, Kain believes that it is worth the effort as it may allow us to construct wormholes without needing phantom matter for them to remain open long enough so that we can traverse through space or even farther.

He anticipates that this could open up many new possibilities for exploration and communication, giving us an unprecedented understanding of the universe.

Regardless, research into using wormholes for transmission is still in its infancy, and Kain warns against any attempts to use them without thoroughly testing their safety first.

Only with a greater level of confidence that the technology is safe to use can we be sure that messages transmitted via a wormhole will reach their intended destination.

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