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Massive Ocean Discovered Beneath the Earth's Crust

By: April Carson

Scientists have found a huge reservoir of water below the Earth's surface that is three times the volume of all the oceans. This discovery may explain the origin of Earth's oceans. The massive ocean is located beneath the Earth’s mantle, a layer of hot rock between the crust and core.

There is water contained in ringwoodite, a blue rock found in the mantle approximately 700 kilometers below the Earth's surface. The mantle is a layer of hot rock that lies between the Earth's core and its surface. The water contained in the ringwoodite is thought to be responsible for a large portion of Earth's surface water.

The Discovery

It has been discovered that there is an extensive reserve of water trapped in a type of rock called 'ringwoodite', located 400 miles beneath the Earth's surface. This newly discovered ocean could contain as much water as all the oceans of Earth combined. Scientists have used seismic data from earthquakes to determine that ringwoodite contains up to 1.5 percent of its weight in water, which is enough to fill three million Great Lakes.

Previously, scientists uncovered that water can be stored in mantle rock in a state similar to a sponge, which doesn't resemble a liquid, solid, or gas, but rather a fourth state. This is why the discovery of a large ocean trapped underneath the Earth's surface came as such a surprise.

According to geophysicist Steve Jacobsen, the crystal structure of ringwoodite has a unique ability to absorb hydrogen and retain water, functioning almost like a sponge.

Jacobsen said that this mineral can store a significant amount of water when located in the deep mantle. "I believe that there is no proof of a complete water cycle on Earth, from the surface to deep below, which can help account for the large amount of liquid water on our planet that is capable of sustaining life. Scientists have been searching for this elusive deep water for many years."

The immense discovery could revolutionize our understanding of Earth's internal structure and how water has moved throughout its history—and it may even help us to understand other planets in our solar system better. This newly discovered massive ocean is located in the mantle, which is the layer of Earth between its crust and core. It is estimated to contain vast amounts of water, which may help explain how Earth has been able to maintain liquid oceans on its surface for billions of years despite its hot interior.


This massive hidden ocean could even have implications for how our planet was formed and how it has changed over time. Scientists believe that this reservoir may be responsible for supplying water to the oceans on Earth’s surface. It might also be responsible for the movement of tectonic plates, which is essential for understanding how volcanoes form and earthquakes occur. The presence of this hidden ocean could also explain why Earth has been able to remain in the “Goldilocks zone”—the range of distances from the Sun that allows liquid water to exist on a planet’s surface.

This discovery is also important for its implications beyond Earth. By understanding the behavior of this hidden ocean, we can gain a better understanding of what lies beneath the surface of other planets in our solar system. This knowledge could help us to understand more about the geology and geochemistry of those worlds. It could also give us a better understanding of how water cycles throughout our universe.

Overall, this discovery is groundbreaking and will undoubtedly lead to more discoveries in the future. With further research, scientists may be able to unlock even greater secrets about our planet and beyond. By continuing to explore this new ocean, we can further increase our understanding of Earth's past and present, leading us to a more prosperous future. The research was published in the journal Nature and titled ‘A Massive Ocean Beneath Earth’s Mantle.’

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