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Marine in custody after missing 14-year-old girl found in California barracks

By: April Carson

Last month, authorities detained a Marine after discovering a missing 14-year-old girl in the barracks of a California base.

On June 28, military police at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in Oceanside located the teenager who had been reported missing by her grandmother to the San Diego County Sheriff's Department over two weeks prior. According to Melissa Aquino, a spokesperson for the sheriff's department, the teenager was found in the company of a Marine at his on-base residence."

In a statement, Capt. Charles Palmer, the director of communications strategy and operations for the 1st Marine Logistics Group, confirmed that on June 28, an unidentified Marine from Combat Logistics Battalion 5, 1st Marine Logistics Group, was apprehended by the Naval Criminal Investigative Services, the law enforcement agency for the Navy and Marine, for questioning. "The Marine is being held in the brig," Palmer said.

According to Palmer, the Marine is currently under the custody of his command and has not yet faced formal charges.

The command deeply acknowledges and treats this matter, along with all allegations, with "utmost seriousness," he emphasized.

The sheriff's department and the San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force are collaborating with NCIS on the investigation, as stated by Aquino from the sheriff's office.

The state attorney general's office representatives did not promptly address inquiries on Sunday morning regarding the participation of the human trafficking task force.

According to Aquino, the girl's grandmother notified authorities about her disappearance on June 13th. She explained that the girl had run away from home four days prior. While the grandmother mentioned that the girl had run away before, she usually returned home promptly.

The sheriff's office reported that the authorities inputted the girl's details into databases for missing persons, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The Marine Corps Training and Education Command also emphasized that it is not authorized to comment on an ongoing investigation. It did, however, state its dedication to the safety of all service members, civilians, and family members. The command said that they take allegations like this seriously and are committed to providing a safe environment for all who live, work, or visit their installations.

The 14-year-old was later reunited with her grandmother. Aquino mentioned that the detectives interviewed the teenager, and the family was provided with assistance. However, the sheriff's office has yet to respond to a follow-up question regarding the specifics of the services offered to the family.

The identity of the girl has not been disclosed publicly. According to a statement by the sheriff's office, information that could reveal the identity of minor victims is not released.

According to a statement from Jeff Houston, a for NCIS, the organization refrains from commenting on or confirming details about ongoing investigations out of respect for the investigative process. This approach ensures the integrity of the investigative process while maintaining confidentiality. "NCIS investigates all allegations with the same level of enthusiasm and dedication to our core mission," Houston said.

In a statement, Lt. David LaDieu, the media relations director for the sheriff's department, clarified that the NCIS is currently overseeing the investigation. He emphasized that their role was solely focused on locating the missing juvenile within their jurisdiction. "The San Diego Human Trafficking Task Force is now involved in the investigation, and future inquiries should be directed to them," LaDieu said.

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