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Manifesting Money : The Real Secret - By April Carson

"Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it" - Maya Angelou

It is common knowledge that all of life and time are made up of energy. Yet, until recently the idea arose to apply this concept more broadly than just physics-based phenomenon: In a world where everything exists as an energetic frequency or vibration it would be possible for one's thoughts to manifest money into physical form; how could we know?

When people think about what might happen if their thought manifested something in reality they tend not to even go there because our society has taught us that you can't have anything without working really hard at getting it first. So many people tell themselves "I'm lucky enough I got these things" instead of looking back on some very large manifestation experiences which prove otherwise - like when someone was able to get out debt free or manifest a large sum of money.

What is Manifesting Money ?

If manifesting money is something you want to learn about then the first thing you may be wondering is: "What is manifesting money?" Well, manifesting money basically means creating more of it in your life when you don't have much right now. manifest money is a very simple concept but in some ways it is actually kind of complex. It is the idea that you visualize yourself having more money, you feel good about money and manifesting money for your life. That's manifesting money in its simplest form and it can manifest lots of different forms: manifesting extra income, manifesting a raise, manifesting a promotion, manifesting any positive change in money related areas of your life. You can manifest all sorts of things related to money including manifesting extra cash for the holidays or manifesting six figure income.

To manifest money it helps if you understand how energy works and that is probably one of the most important aspects of manifesting anything whether its money, relationships or anything in life.

We manifest things through our energy and money is just a form of energy so manifesting it follows the same principles as manifesting something else. When you have a strong feeling about something whether it be positive or negative, you send out energy into the universe where it will manifest itself back to you.

What's the "Secret" ?

The secret about manifesting money is that it is not really a secret because manifesting money or anything else for that matter, follows the same principles. What you think about and feel will manifest itself in your life so manifesting money begins with manifesting loving feelings towards money.

In order to manifest money we need first to love the energy that it brings into our lives and understand how that energy has helped manifest the lives we love to live.

Manifesting money begins with manifesting positive feelings towards it. We need to thank it for what it brings into our lives like a roof over our heads, food on our plates and clothes on our bodies etc. Once you manifest loving feelings towards money you then ask, "How can I manifest more money in my life", and the Universe will manifest more for you.

Manifesting money requires new ways of thinking about it if only because we have been taught to see it as bad, dirty, an enemy etc. It is not about manifesting millions but manifesting enough to live your dreams, manifest the life you want and manifest a better quality of life than you have now. Once you have that degree of manifesting money then it will begin to feel natural to manifest more.

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