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Magnet million times stronger than Earth’s magnetic core built in China

By: April Carson

China recently unveiled the world's strongest magnet in Hefei, a city located within Anhui province. According to an article from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), this device is designed for scientific research and exploration. The magnet, constructed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Physics in collaboration with Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, is “nearly one million times stronger than the magnetic core of the Earth”.

This development is set to lead the way in scientific research and exploration, as its high-powered field will enable scientists to observe particles at an extremely small scale with unprecedented accuracy.

Despite its small size, no larger than a coin with 33mm in diameter, this magnet generates an astonishing 45.22-tesla magnetic field – a million times more powerful than the Earth's magnetic might! This extraordinary feat has broken a world record, and signifies the progress of scientific research and technology in China.

After achieving a significant technical breakthrough, scientists from the Chinese Academy of Sciences' High Magnetic Field Laboratory achieved their objective. As reported by many outlets, this accomplishment is recognized as an amazing feat. It is also seen as a profound advancement in the fields of high-magnetic technology and material science.

Magnets that shatter world records

In 2019, U.S. National High Magnetic Field Laboratory scientists astounded the world by producing a remarkable 45.5-tesla field with a test magnet that was not meant for scientific research - a feat that still stands today as an unbroken record.

The Hefei facility proudly holds the record of generating the highest magnetic field that can be used in scientific research, breaking a 23-year streak held by The National High Magnetic Field Laboratory located in the United States. This hybrid magnet has achieved an astounding 450,000 gauss (45 tesla), according to SCMP's translation of their statement.

To produce such intense magnetic fields requires an immense amount of energy, though the rewards are world-shaking. Researchers from all across the globe have been developing ultra strong magnets - powerful enough to lift aircraft carriers - in hopes of tapping into nuclear fusion's untold potential and ultimately breaking our dependency on fossil fuels.

A group of physicists from Heifei employed a powerful magnet in 2016 to experiment, eventually discovering a new physical phenomenon. This breakthrough could revolutionize the semiconductor industry; researchers are actively attempting to replace silicon with carbon nanotubes in chips for faster computing and lower power consumption.

The game changer came in 2020, when a new magnet was successfully built in China - one million times stronger than Earth’s magnetic core and 20 times more powerful than any other existing superconducting magnet. This megamagnet clearly has the potential to revolutionize numerous industries. In addition to ushering in a new era of energy efficiency, it could open up a wide range of applications in fields such as healthcare, transportation and manufacturing.

Unveiling the potential of nuclear fusion

In an interview with Anhui News, Professor Kuang Guangli, the chief researcher of the magnetic field venture, proudly announced that his team has created the world's most robust magnet for scientific purposes. Despite only beginning relatively late, our nation's strong magnetic field laboratory has made a massive leap forward to become the leader in just ten years with their extraordinary "China Speed." As per his report, the scientists have achieved an immense technological breakthrough that enabled them to develop their own magnet.

This was made possible by the usage of super-strong materials such as rare-earth permanent magnets, which Guangli claimed were a million times stronger than Earth's magnetic core.

The magnet is designed for use in research and development activities that involve nuclear fusion and other scientific innovations. Such projects are likely to lead to further technological advancements in the field of energy, materials science and other fields.

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