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Jah Jewelry By Jackie Elam Inspired By The Giza Pyramids

Jackie Elam is the CEO and Designer for JAH Jewelry fine custom collection. She also has vast experiences as a Loan Broker, Published Author, NNA Notary Signing Agent, Broadcaster, Red Carpet Host, Entertainment Coach, Actress, Model, and Hollywood Set Mom™. The name JAH is a double entendre. God’s name is Yahweh and

there are two shorter nicknames, Yah and Jah. Since the Creator and Designer of JAH Jewelry is Jackie, she chose to name her custom collection JAH.

JAH Jewelry is inspired by the Giza Pyramids and their alignment with the three stars in the Orion’s Belt. The mere power and cosmic energy that exudes from the Giza Pyramids and the connection to the Orion’s Belt is the fascinating aspect of this inspiration. Pyramids were previously thought to be tombs of the ancient kings and pharaohs but in more recent years scientists have learned that they are far more advanced and served a completely different purpose. Today, the Giza Pyramids are known to be great gigantic power plants that generate cosmic energy pulling directly from the Orion’s Belt. The Giza Pyramids may have been used as a beacon for other civilizations of beings in order to locate planet earth. What's more, Pyramids can be found on every continent on planet earth, under bodies of water, and even on other planets in our galaxy. The Giza Pyramids can be viewed from the satellite viewpoint and from ground level. These viewpoints are

translated into JAH Jewelry collection.

JAH Jewelry collection utilizes the tetrahedron shape, four-sided pyramid, which is an uncommon shape in the jewelry industry. Throughout this exclusive beautiful custom collection, a diamond is strategically set above the top of the tetrahedron shape on selected pieces to represent the alignment of the star above each pyramid.JAH Jewelry not only has a historical meaning, but a spiritual connection as well through the use of earth’s natural metals and stones. As it is known scientifically, natural elements from the earth such as gold, diamonds, and stones release energy. It is believed that the natural energy releasing from these earth elements are beneficial to the human’s health and well-being. Furthermore, scientists have discovered that when a tetrahedron is formed, whether by metals, bricks, or wood, and is pointing “true north”, cosmic energy is pulled down into such tetrahedron. To give an idea of the power of this cosmic energy beaming down into the Giza Pyramids, scientists attest that if a dead plant were place inside it would return to life.

JAH Jewelry will release eleven exclusive pieces per launch. Each piece is custom made to order. JAH Jewelry mission is to bring beautiful custom pieces to the consumer as well as expound and bring awareness on the phenomenon surrounding the Giza Pyramids.

In addition, Jackie is the mother of two beautiful boys who have been in movies, commercials, print campaigns and television since infancy. She recently earned her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling Executive Leadership, where she forge ahead with continuous social work and advocacy. Jackie’s mission is to EMPOWER, EDUCATE, and HELP the general public in business and the entertainment industry, while advocating for children in show business with her book, Cover Your Child in the Entertainment Industry.

Jackie Elam assists parents in navigating their child through show business. Jackie shares her vast experiences and knowledge of the "Do’s and Don’ts" of the industry. Order your copy at

In a nutshell, Jackie Elam is an entrepreneur that is well respected in her multiple industries.

She sells her Custom Fine JAH Jewelry Collection at She sells her book, Cover Your Child in the Entertainment Industry, at She can sell you small business funding at She can also sell you her stamp and signature as a NNA Notary Signing Agent.

You can follow her on Instagram: @jahjewelry @jackie.elam



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