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How To Spot An Energy Vampire

By: April Carson

Do you know what energy vampirism is? You've probably heard of energy vampires - or energy-sucking leeches, energy drainer, energy thief and even energy sucker - but do you know what they are really like? And how to spot one?

Energy vampire has become a catch phrase. It describes someone who sucks energy from others around them, without apparently doing anything.

In the dictionary energy vampires are defined as people that 'consume energy from those around them', or who 'draining energy from others'. In other words, energy vampirism is a form of parasitism. The term was first coined by Dr Albert J. Bernstein, a clinical psychologist, with his 1985 book Emotional Vampires: Dealing With People Who Drain You Dry.

The energy vampire is not necessarily malevolent. They can be highly manipulative, but they are also often charming and beguiling. Energy vampires just want your energy for their own use. They may not even know that they are energy vampires. If you feel drained, exhausted or just worn down after spending time with someone then there's a good chance they've been energy-sapping you, one way or another.

Energy vampires seek an energy connection to their victims, but what does this mean? There are three main energy channels which energy vampires can access: physical energy, energy in the form of emotions (sadness, joy etc.) and essence energy. Essence energy is particularly potent; once an energy vampire has this they are almost impossible to live with because you will feel drained around them. If you allow yourself to be energetically connected to your energy vampire you will find yourself constantly tired.

The energy connection between you and your energy vampire is incredibly subtle but can be felt as a heaviness in the heart centre, which will sink downwards until it feels like an intense weight on top of your lower chakras. You may also feel very weepy or extremely apathetic after spending time with them. This energy drain can be extremely harmful and is not something to take lightly.

The energy vampire feeds on the energy of others and, although they will deny it vehemently, there energy levels will slowly diminish over time until they feel an overwhelming need to feed again.

There are 5 types of Energy Vampires:

  • The Blame-sharer - who lays the blame on everyone else while refusing to accept responsibility for his or her own actions.

  • The Jealous Bees - they can never genuinely feel joy for another person since they are always jealous.

  • The Guilt Trippers- they use embarrassment to get what they desire.

  • The Insecure - People who seek to pull others down to their own level of low self-esteem abound.

  • The Debbie downers, complainers, short-tempers, drama queens, and the rest of them...The list goes on.

If you suspect that you have an energy vampire in your life there are several things you can do:

1. energy vampire will try to make you feel guilty for their energy levels by implying that there is something wrong with you or that they are a burden on you. Ignore them and - no matter how much they try to guilt trip you - do not give in! They need energy, not pity!

2. Recognize when someone's words or actions are wrong. Do not give them permission to drain your energy.

3. Keep things light and switch the attention. Learn to control yourself rather than reacting on impulse; instead, flow with the situation and return it to neutral ground with subtlety. Do not argue or fight. Enjoy the energy of being around them, while maintaining your boundaries and energy levels.

4. Set energy-replenishing boundaries to protect yourself from energy vampires' draining behavior. Speak up with confidence about what you need in order to replenish your energy. If they can't respect your limits, walk away with dignity.

5. Vent to a support person about the energy vampire's behavior in a non-judgmental, constructive way. You may also try energy healing or energy work with crystals to help you feel better again. When energy is blocked, work on unblocking it using chakra balancing and other techniques until you intuitively know that your energy levels are replenished.

Bottom Line

Energy draining behavior is energy that you should never tolerate in your life. Energy vampires will stop at nothing to take energy from anyone they feel like. It may not be intentional, but energy vampires are soul energy suckers who need to learn how to live in harmony with the universe instead of stealing energy from others.

Your energy is yours alone, so it's your obligation to keep that energy safe and pure. It's not a good idea to let energy vampires drain your energy because it's a very bad habit. So do yourself a favor and learn how to spot an energy vampire before they cause you too much damage.





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