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In an article written in Yahoo!Money entitled “Can’t Ignore the Racial Disparities: Black Americans Net Worth is One-Seventh of Whites” dated February 24, 2021, Stephanie Asymkos writes that the average net worth of Black families is $142, 330.00 and the median net worth of black families is $24,100. I would provide what the other group’s numbers were in the article, but I am not because their numbers are not my concern in this article, especially if we are not doing what we can to change our own numbers within the current financial opportunities available.

If you are unwilling to make adjustments to your own thinking and investments habits, knowing the other group’s numbers provide no beneficial data to change your financial circumstances. It will only add to the ongoing narrative of unfairness that dominates our conversation in most social and economic arenas still today.

It really is only what we do today that can change our financial trajectories and the financial trajectories of our families, our children and our children’s children. We have no time to be worried about everybody else’s average and median net worth when our numbers are not reflective of our capacity and ability.

Crypto could be the financial black tax disruptor many of us have been hoping for. But hoping for a raft rescue in flooding waters will do us no good if many of us are unwilling to get out the water onto the raft when it comes through. Crypto is that raft. Will you get on it?

Crypto could be the paradigm shift many of us were hoping for in the area of our wealth in this American capitalistic system that has always been unfair to us since its inception.

Individually and as a group, we need to move some of our spending money into the crypto arena to hedge our bets on massive wealth creation from the crypto-blockchain markets. You don’t have to invest your mortgage or rent money, but you can invest some of the money we all waste on things each month we don’t even remember buying.

You don’t have to fully understand crypto to invest in it. Let’s get this very clear: they don’t fully understand it either because they are creating it as they go along—just like they have created every capital market that has ever existed. The question is will you get in the creation process now or become a victim of a new capital market while waiting on the sidelines to understand it. And once you finally understand that this crypto market isn’t going anywhere, others will have captured all of the millions (maybe even billions) for themselves. We need to start investing in these cryptocurrencies individually but even more implicatively, we need to invest as small group collectives.

Crypto creates new stores of assets such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Bitcoin, AVAX, etc. as well as economic growth potential such as staking and liquidity pools. Staking for example is a way to have your crypto work for you and earn you rewards. To learn more about staking, google “consensus mechanisms” and “proof of staking”for more information.

Crypto doesn’t care about the color of your skin. Crypto doesn’t even care about white supremacy. No one trusts no one in the crypto market. In fact, the main point of the crypto/blockchain factor is to decentralize everything, meaning to create a “trustless system.” This way it doesn’t matter whether you are a female, black, white, brown, rich or poor because in this “trustless system,” no person is trusted—not even the government. The trust lies only in the the math. Crypto allows for us all to enter this new capital market that is being formed right in front of our eyes.

If as a black family, we could have had a annual rate of return of just 50%, our median net worth even starting as low as $24,100.00 could grow into the millions over ten years.

Take a look at this growth potential chart based on a possible 50% annual return compared to the average highest yield savings account annual return of .50% many of us earn from money saved in the traditional banks and the average annual return of 13.95% from S&P 500 for the past 10 years many of us earn from our stocks and pensions:

Average Black Family Net Worth

Annual Return Percentage

Value in 10 Years

$142, 330.00









Median Black Family Net Worth

Annual Return Percentage

Value in 10 Years










I know many of you are thinking how can I earn a 50% annual return on my investments. Sounds good but is impossible. I would have thought so too, but I have immersed myself into learning more about crypto and I am beginning to understand what missed opportunity from fear of change really means.

Crypto has had an annual rate of return of 200 percent in the past 10 years and this growth will only continue and probably get even higher at least for a while.

We can no longer sit on the sidelines and watch major wealth be created by others while we wait for America to right a wrong. America does owe us 40 acres and a mule, but who knows when America will pay its debt to black Americans. We can’t sit around and wait for this. Let’s build our wealth in Bitcoin and Ethereum and whatever else we can create.

If we are not at least learning about crypto and blockchain, we are wronging ourselves by being uninformed. And if we keep telling our children what our parents told us, we are compounding that wrong. The model we keep perpetuating on ourselves and our children is the “go to school, get student loans, get good grades, get a good job, get married, buy a house, and save your money in the bank.” This old model doesn’t work for us and is financially making us poorer.

Buying an affordable house is becoming harder and harder. Wealth from our principal residence is no longer a feasible model of wealth creation for the black middle class community. Real estate prices are skyrocketing and between excessive student loans, high car notes, many of us are financially closed out of the real estate market. Even those of us that are able to buy a house become house poor unable to save and acquire other assets.

We must act as a collective to solve the black tax financial crisis in our lower and middle class black communities.

We need to follow the Claud Anderson’s group economics model and crypto could help us maximize our growth potential more quickly.

The crypto capital market effect is a paradigm shift similar to capital market shifts that have occurred in the past. The economy every 1000 or so years go through an economic paradigm shift and an incarnation of capital changes. For example,

17th-18th Century Capital Incarnation: Stolen African People - Slavery

18th Century Capital Incarnation: Farm Land/Agricultural

19th Century Capital Incarnation: The Industrial Revolution- factories, machines, government bonds

20th Century Capital Incarnation: Urban Real Estate, stocks, mutual funds, EFTs

These shifts don’t happen often, but when they happen, they create wealth redistribution opportunities. Destruction or revaluing of old asset classes while new asset classes emerge is the classic wealth reset paradigm in a capitalistic society. This disruption allows wealth to be redistributed from the top to the downline. We are in the downline as a people and its time for us to rise.

But you can’t participate in the downline feed to rise up financially during this paradigm shift if you are not participating in this new capital market that is being created right now and that will cause a massive destruction of the older asset classes. Just look again at the incarnations of the capital markets above.

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