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How a single mom in Atlanta makes $10,000/month on Outschool while only teaching a few hours a week

By: April Carson

Jade Weatherington's business has expanded substantially in the last year. In 2018, Jade Weatherington began teaching on Outschool after becoming a single mother of a 13-year-old. She was earning $10,000 per month working 10 to 12 hours each week by 2021, offering virtual English and grammar lessons.

"I was at home for several years, so it seemed natural to teach children while caring for my own," she said. "It happened that I had a degree in English, and after teaching some neighborhood friends through the internet, I realized there were many ways I could use this knowledge."

Demand quickly grew, and requests kept pouring in for her to teach more classes.

By the time she was 35, Weatherington had already worked as a nanny for three years and had witnessed firsthand how difficult it is to balance domestic life with another job. "I'm just one person," she adds. She realized that she couldn't fulfill the demand on her own.

Outschool gives both individuals and businesses the ability to start educational enterprises on the site, which Weatherington had been considering. She might employ additional instructors to teach her curriculum and satisfy the growing demand if she converted her firm into a company.

Teacher Jade's Writing Academy on Outschool was founded in June by Weatherington. The organization has nine instructors and offers about 20 different courses, ranging from one-off to semester-long essay writing classes for a variety of age groups.

"I just teach three of my classes right now," she explains. "And they're each 25 minutes long." Despite this, her curriculum is in such high demand that it continues to bring in $10,000 monthly through her new company.

Weatherington had already established a modest business, Ashantae Academy, teaching the homeschool curriculum she'd created for her daughter when she began teaching on Outschool. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the number of kids being educated at home has risen over time, from 850,000 in 1999 to 1,690,000 in 2016.

She was able to start developing a network of instructors from which she could then draw on when Teacher Jade's Writing Academy debuted.

Teachers are paid $30 to $40 per session, along with a $3 bonus for every paper they grade. Classes may have as few as two people or up to 20. "They make about $400 in a full class," she explains. "My takeaway is around $300." Outschool takes a 30% cut from each class.

"My objective right now is to only have these instructors in place so they can provide courses," she adds.

Weatherington, who only teaches 25-minute classes, nevertheless spends around 10 to 15 hours each week on administrative tasks for the company. This involves responding to emails, handling payroll, and dealing with parent inquiries.

"I needed someone to do things for me for a little while who could do it exactly how I wanted," she adds. So, instead of hiring someone to do it for her, she decided to complete the task herself. "Now that I'm aware of this, I'm working on automating this stuff."

She's working on a number of projects, including providing parents with automated Gmail responses. She's also contacted Outschool to see if teachers can book themselves on the site. Because there is only one admin per company at present, she'll have to manually enter their schedules.

Outschool is her first full-time job; she's been working part-time remotely as a receptionist while completing an associate's degree at night. "I want to work one hour each day on Outschool," she says.

For anybody interested in starting their own business, Weatherington advises seeking assistance from a mentor and participating in a company cohort.

Weatherington was a member of a cohort in 2021 and found her mentor early. She'd been considering shifting her attention to other projects outside of Outschool, but her mentor advised her, "You're making a lot of money doing this already, so why are you trying to leave?"

Fortunately, she took the warning and dove right back in. "I wasn't initially sure how she would react, but her advice was spot on."

Of course, before starting any business, it's necessary to create a plan. Weatherington says business owners need to be aware of their daily activities and make time for meetings and calls with clients or partners.

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