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Homo Naledi Bones Shows They Coexisted with Homo Sapiens !

Could this be part of the missing link to the early connections with the myths, tales and legends with the origins of mankind, correlating to translations on stone clay tablets with descriptions of our early ancestors.

Photo reconstruction by - Cicero Moraes (Arc-Team),

The Facial Recosntruction has been performed by Cicero Moraes (Arc-Team), while the scientific validation has bees done by Telmo Pievani and Nicola Carrara (University of Padua). On the contrary of what happened for most of the other paeoartistic reconstructions, this time it has not been necessary to scan the cast of specimen, but we could use directly the composite skull of Homo naledi (based on DH1 and DH3), constructed by Prof. Peter Schmid in September 2015, as a Courtesy of the University of the Witwatersrand and the Dinaledi project. The files were downloaded from, Duke University.

Somewhere way way back in the way back machine of Start time 335th millennium BC End time 236th - Yes read correctly ... millennium BC coexisted an ancestor of the human race that has baffled experts, science and scholars alike. Many an Ancient Civilisations Theorist in the community have their work conections come into the playing fields of questions that are being answered with evidence pointing towards the timelines of mankind having missing links with backed up evidence of a coexistence with other races and species. Could some of those species of been the famous Extraterestrial Star brothers handywork known as the Annunaki , written in stone tablets alongside pictographs globaly from cuneiform, undecipherable codex, pictographs, caves with connnections to underground habitats with celestial visitors depicting mixing with the early Homo Naledi for study in hybrid DNA programs.

Homo naledi are said to have been long-legged, pinheaded and gangly, standing at about five feet (152 centimeters) tall, with the females slightly shorter. According to the new study , Homo naledi had human-like hands and feet, but ribcages that resembled earlier species, making them a blend of modern human and ancient hominin.

Modern humans, or Homo sapiens, are now the only living species in their genus. But as recently as 20,000 years ago there were other species that belonged to the genus Homo. Together with modern humans, these extinct human species, our immediate ancestors and their close relatives are collectively referred to as ‘hominins’.

Was Homo Naledi Younger than We Originally Thought?

In 2015 it was thought the skeletons could be up to 3 million years old. However, the most impressive idea popping up from the new find is the possibility that Homo naledi lived more recently than we originally thought, possibly a mere 235,000 years ago. This would mean the Homo naledi people could have overlapped with early humans, the Homo sapiens.

Paul HGM Dirks wrote - We describe the physical context of the Dinaledi Chamber within the Rising Star cave, South Africa, which contains the fossils of Homo naledi. Approximately 1550 specimens of hominin remains have been recovered from at least 15 individuals, representing a small portion of the total fossil content. Macro-vertebrate fossils are exclusively H. naledi, and occur within clay-rich sediments derived from in situ weathering, and exogenous clay and silt, which entered the chamber through fractures that prevented passage of coarser-grained material. The chamber was always in the dark zone, and not accessible to non-hominins. Bone taphonomy indicates that hominin individuals reached the chamber complete, with disarticulation occurring during/after deposition. Hominins accumulated over time as older laminated mudstone units and sediment along the cave floor were eroded. Preliminary evidence is consistent with deliberate body disposal in a single location, by a hominin species other than Homo sapiens, at an as-yet unknown date.

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