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Home of the Pre-flood Stone Gods : The Enigma of Nan Madol

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Anunnaki History - Writer - Dollie Indigostar @ 4biddenknowledge

The Lost Ancient Metropolis of Nan Madol is full of evidence supporting the strong possibility of a once lost advanced pre flood civilisation that once existed there, cradled and nestled directly in the middle of the South Pacific ocean.

Mythtical tales and legends passed down from within generations of those islanders who claim to be directly connected to the decendandts of the Thunder God Isokelekel (Pohnpeian: also known by locals as "shining noble," "wonderful king"), sometimes also called Idzikolkol, he was also a semi-mythical Hero Warrior from Kosrae who conquered the Saudeleur Dynasty of Pohnpei, which is an island located in the modern Federated States of Micronesia.

The many coincidences appearing once again between the many Myths that circulate amongst the advanced race that we have become to now know as - (The ANUnnaki ), As more evidence is supporting towards another unheard advanced ancient race, coincidentaly the same timelines of many of the other apparent Advanced Ancient lost civilisations. Anunnaki History seems to be now making a full appearance, and now is appearing to be more connected than ever before on a global scale.

The Myth talks of again the same story we have all come to know so well throughout mankinds history and the same battles with 2 rival brothers over authority and domain ownerships, one of the most interesting is the correlation of the similarity connections to other mythical figures, tales such as the Egyptian battle between famous feuding brothers Set and Osiris.

The Akkadian and summerian tales of ENKI and ENLIL come to mind with the battle for their Kingship, Rulership, Authority and domain for control, with the ongoing arguments and battles between rivals MARDUK and INANNA all coinciding with the many epic tales such as Gilgamesh and the other many biblical epics we have become aware of and constructed to believe into, building or understandings of such faiths and practices that we are accustomed to know and adhere our lives to.

Could it now be that all of these EPIC characters that we have become accustomed and educated to praise and know so well, are within every culture and civilisation on the planet, sharing the same characteristics from culture to culture, could these similarities all merely just be a coincidence ?

Are they the Epic -ANUNNAKI- Those that from Heaven came to Earth - ?

There are so many huge similarities that possibly suggest towards the use of some advanced building methods and materials were used, alongside with more puzzling questions pointing towards the use of what could appear to be some kind of advanced technology techniques that we still lack full knowledge of and are not aware of today.

These complex ruins also connect to other similar dated ruins that cause the many questions we are all asking again and again, not to mention the baffling timelines, dating, time jumps, missing links, evidence and lack of actual trustworthy dating of such early mankind, questioning again the sudden appearance and dissapearance of a more advanced sophisticated structural complex Race and way of living than mordern day society today?

There are many more questions to ask about this advanced lost civilisation, and the site of Nan Madol, with more research prompting interesting further excavation expeditions that are needed until they can fully connect the use and purpose of this astounding site, identifying to locate the stones used to build this amazing structure, with such puzzling architectural evidence revealing constructions of such complex ancient buildings of magnificent proportion, adorned with giant statues, beautiful temples, luxurious bath houses, fully adapted places of relaxation, alongside geometricaly and accurately designed large stones cut precisley to measure, all shaped and mapped with inbuilt aquaducts, canals and all floating on top of the huge coral sea bed.

Anunnaki advanced handiwork master building techniques at its finest.

Dollie Indigostar - #4BKTV #4biddenknowledge

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