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High school principal works night shift at Walmart, donates paycheck to students in need

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. - Moved by a need to help his understudies, a South Carolina secondary school chief took on low maintenance work at Walmart and gave his check to those out of luck.

Henry Darby, head at North Charleston High School, is viewed as his local area's divine messenger.

"Several years prior, I had two understudies, who were females, resting under the scaffold. There was another circumstance where a previous understudy of mine and her girl were dozing in their vehicle, and another circumstance where a previous understudy required assets for her water and light bills," he told WCIV-TV.

At the point when a north Texas secondary school chief was offered monetary help from organizations in and out of town, he set out to really utilize it and is presently ensuring his local area dealt with.

Understanding the master plan, Darby made a move. He began working at Walmart three evenings per week, loading racks from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m.

"I was instructed if your hands discover something to do, do it. So I begun to act normally again and said, 'Maybe I need another work as far as low maintenance,'" he said.

He said one of his understudies remembered him on his absolute first evening of work.

"Somebody hollered, 'Hello Mr. Darby, you're working for Walmart? Aren't you the head?' And it destroyed me, so around then, I said, 'That is it, I'll simply do what I need," he said.

His choice to stand and convey has prompted near $100,000 in gifts from everywhere the country.

Since Darby's story has turned into a web sensation, Walmart has given $50,000 to North Charleston High School.

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