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High Ground Intercept: The US Space Force's Vision of Future Orbital Warfare

By: April Carson

The United States Space Force has taken a bold step forward in articulating its mission and the potential future of space warfare. On October 20, 2023, the Space Operations Command (SpOC) unveiled its first official painting, "High Ground Intercept," during a special ceremony at Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado. This mesmerizing artwork, commissioned in collaboration with renowned artist Rick Herter, captures a futuristic scenario of a military space plane intercepting an adversary satellite, offering a glimpse into what the future of orbital warfare might hold.

The Birth of "High Ground Intercept":

The "High Ground Intercept" painting encapsulates the core essence of the Space Force's mission—to maintain dominance in space and protect national interests from potential adversaries. The image itself is a blend of historical references to space planes and the vivid imagination of artist Rick Herter, creating a striking representation of space warfare.

The Space Plane:

At the heart of the painting is a remarkable space plane that seems to emerge from the annals of science fiction. This "futuristic intercept vehicle" symbolizes the cutting-edge technology and advanced capabilities the Space Force envisions for its orbital warfare endeavors. It exudes a sleek and powerful design that hints at the innovation and dedication the US Space Force brings to the table.

The Adversary Satellite:

Opposite the space plane in the painting, we see an adversary satellite—an emblem of potential threats the United States may face in the increasingly contested space environment. This satellite represents the challenges and concerns the Space Force is tasked with addressing and overcoming, securing the high ground that is vital to the nation's security and interests.

Rick Herter's Artistry:

Renowned artist Rick Herter's collaboration with the Space Force brings "High Ground Intercept" to life. With a portfolio that spans military aviation, space, and historical art, Herter is uniquely equipped to capture the essence of the Space Force's mission. His imaginative and highly detailed approach paints a vivid picture of a future where space warfare becomes an integral part of national defense.

The Future of Orbital Warfare:

"High Ground Intercept" offers more than just an aesthetically pleasing depiction—it is a window into the future of orbital warfare. It illustrates the Space Force's commitment to maintaining its dominance in space, safeguarding national interests, and defending against potential adversaries in an environment that is becoming increasingly crowded and contested.

The unveiling of "High Ground Intercept" marks a significant milestone for the United States Space Force. This official painting is not just a work of art; it is a symbol of the Space Force's vision, mission, and its preparedness to face the challenges that the future may hold in space.

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