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Harvard Scientist Says Our Universe Could be an Alien Lab Experiment

By: April Carson

Avi Loeb is a physicist notorious for his controversial ideas about extraterrestrials. The former chair of astronomy at Harvard has written an essay in Scientific American describing a new idea regarding the origin of the universe. He proposes that it was a laboratory experiment conducted by an extraterrestrial race that exceeds humanity in every way. But how does he justify this hypothesis?

What if our universe was created as a test tube in another world?

Loeb established a scheme for classifying civilizations based on their intellect in the article. Humans would belong to class C, because they have a low technological level and/or are reliant on a host star, in this case the Sun.

If human technology has progressed to the point where we are independent of the Sun, we would be in class B. This would imply that Humanity will be able to endure once the sun goes out (if, hypothetically, it does not devour Earth when it disappears).

If we can create our own universes in the laboratory, we'll be in class A. According to Loeb, this is the standing of our potential creators, and he went through several obstacles on the road from our present society to class A.

Why aren't we a class A team?

The main difficulty is our inability to create a "sufficient density of dark energy in a small area." “However, if and when we get there, we'll be able to join our theoretical breeders in Class A,” he continued.

In other words, it is physically impossible using the current laws of physics. Humanity must rewrite the established physical laws or accept that those we know may not apply to the rest of the cosmos. For ages, renowned scientists have pondered the possibility that our present physical laws are incorrect. If they aren't wrong, at least incomplete.

There are far too many mysteries, often called paradoxes, in physics to believe it's fully understood.

Loeb also scratched another topic that makes many people enraged - the deterioration of humanity. According to his beliefs, humans may not even be a class C civilization yet. He gave the reason for his decision in reference to the harmful practices that harm Earth's natural habitats. Even if we are at level C, our own behavior puts us back.

Loeb’s other claims and controversies

Professor Loeb is a scientist who has attracted controversy for his work and scientific ideas. Following an interview with BBC News last September, Avi Loeb's name was repeated by a scientist who said he "looks for intelligent life in space because it's difficult to discover on Earth."

At this time, Loeb released his newest book, "Extraterrestrial: The First Sign of Intelligent Life Outside Earth," in which he discusses his controversial opinions regarding the perplexing Oumuamua, the first interstellar object that passed through the Solar System and was detected by humans. According to Loeb, the Oumuamua may not be just an asteroid or comet coming from outside the Solar System, but it could be a vessel for an intelligent civilization.

Loeb says that if aliens are indeed traveling between solar systems, they may have sent probes to other planets in order to study them up close without having to visit them. These probes could stay on course for millions of years and only get active when they near a target star system, he says. When Loeb was asked if these probes could have already visited our Solar System, he said that this is not something we should rule out just yet.

Which scenario is more feasible: that Oumuamua was alien technology, or that our universe is a test bed for aliens? If you're interested in Loeb's ideas and work, we have several articles about it.

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