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Harnessing the Power of Light: Ubiquitous Energy's Vision to Transform Skyscrapers into Vertical Solar Farms

By: April Carson

In a groundbreaking move towards sustainable energy, California-based start-up Ubiquitous Energy has secured a $30 million funding round, with a significant investment from leading window and door manufacturer Andersen Corporation. This brings Ubiquitous Energy's total funding to an impressive $70 million, setting the stage for the company to revolutionize the way we think about windows and renewable energy.

Ubiquitous Energy's Innovative Approach

Ubiquitous Energy specializes in creating a thin coating for windows that incorporates semiconducting materials capable of converting sunlight into electricity. The coating, just nanometers thick, connects to tiny wires that seamlessly integrate the solar window with electrical systems, making it a discreet and efficient solution for capturing solar energy.

CEO Susan Stone highlighted that the recent funding injection, which includes Andersen Corporation's support, will be dedicated to manufacturing research and development. The company aims to reach production at scale by early 2024, paving the way for transformative changes in the way we construct and power our buildings.

Turning Skyscrapers into Vertical Solar Farms

Stone envisions a future where skyscrapers are transformed into vertical solar farms, utilizing floor-to-ceiling glass that seamlessly integrates Ubiquitous Energy's solar window technology. This ambitious goal aligns with the company's mission to make a significant impact on sustainable energy practices within the architecture and construction industries.

Strategic Investment from Andersen Corporation

Andersen Corporation's strategic investment in Ubiquitous Energy signifies not only a financial commitment but also an acknowledgment of the technological advancements and potential market impact. With revenues exceeding $3 billion in 2021, Andersen is a major player in the window and door manufacturing industry.

What sets Ubiquitous Energy apart is its commitment to transparency and integration. The solar film developed by the company is clear and discreetly integrated into the window frame, addressing common challenges faced by other solar window technologies. According to Prabhakar (KP) Karri and Karl Halling, who led Andersen's investment, competing technologies often compromise on transparency, color, viewing area obstruction, haze, or energy efficiency. Ubiquitous Energy's solution aims to overcome these tradeoffs, making it a more attractive option for consumers seeking sustainable alternatives to standard windows.

Targeting the Residential Market

Ubiquitous Energy isn't limiting its impact to skyscrapers alone. The company has its sights set on the home residential market, making Andersen Corporation's investment particularly strategic. With the potential to seamlessly integrate solar technology into residential windows, Ubiquitous Energy could contribute significantly to the growing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient home solutions.

As the world looks for innovative ways to combat climate change and transition to cleaner energy sources, Ubiquitous Energy's solar window technology emerges as a promising solution that marries aesthetics with functionality. The journey towards turning skyscrapers into vertical solar farms is well underway, and with strategic partnerships and continued advancements, Ubiquitous Energy is poised to be a key player in shaping the future of sustainable architecture.

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While her academic pursuits were certainly impressive, it was April's involvement in sports that truly set her apart. She was not just a student at Jacksonville University; she was also a vital member of the Women's Basketball team. On the court, April's dedication and talent were evident for all to see. She exhibited leadership, teamwork, and a relentless drive to excel, qualities that would become hallmarks of her personality both on and off the court.

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