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Growing Babies in Robot Wombs: Chinese Scientists Create the “AI Nanny”

Chinese scientists have created what is being coined “AI Nanny” that nurtures human babies in artificial wombs.

South China Morning Post reports that scientists “in Suzhou have developed an AI system able to monitor and take care of embryos as they grow into fetuses in the lab.”

The technology that humans are developing is mind-blowing. Growing a human embryo into a fetus without a human body.

This AI Nanny creation could be a major breakthrough for future childbearing.

Robots with the help of AI are now being used to optimize human life by assisting in the development of newborns via the use of algorithms and artificial wombs.

Neo plugged into the the Matrix womb may just be more real than imagination. Maybe we unplugged ourselves from the cord but got hooked back through the mind and forgot that we had done that. And inventions like these are just bringing us back to our power as beings who call ourselves humans.

This AI Nanny discovery was published in the Journal of Biomedical Engineering by Suzhou-based researchers. According to the researchers, the AI Nanny could help in the grown of children in a “long-term embryo culture device.”

Even though the technology is here, AI Nanny nurturing babies will not be happening soon because of ethical and legal concerns.

Technology is making nothing impossible for the perpetuation of humanity. Are we not only able to grow a fetus outside of the womb of a woman, but able to nurture it to birth inside an artificial womb. Next, researchers will unveil how we can use AI and robots to create artificial sperm and egg. Makes you wonder if a woman (or even a man) was ever really needed in the first place.

This new AI Nanny technology is used to develop animal embryos that are growing into fetuses in the lab. These researchers have to use animals because international law prohibits the use of human embryos older than two weeks. Also, in China currently, surrogacy is prohibited. One article reported that this technology will not likely be used in China because artificial wombs would convert laboratories into mothers and Chinese law would not allow this.

The development of artificial wombs in itself is not a new concept. But teaming this technology into human mass production assembly line or pod station along with artificial intelligence is pushing the envelope on humanity’s need for humans.

Using AI Nanny could help mothers who can’t have babies and who prefer not to use a human surrogate. If Elon Musk who says the greatest threat to humanity is depopulation is true, then AI Nanny might be the fertility cord humanity needs to increase the numbers.

Artificial human growth is coming (maybe its always been here and we forgot our own power).

And once this technology is mainstream and the ethical and legal concerns are eliminated, this technology will give many woman, men and couples of all kinds a new opportunity to create life using artificial wombs.




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