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Green Tea Has been shown to Reduce Alzheimer’s Plaque

By: April Carson

A recent study suggests that consuming green tea and red wine on a daily basis may help reduce plaques in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that leads to memory loss, cognitive decline, and eventually death. There is currently no cure for the disease, and treatments are only effective at managing symptoms.

Scientists from Tufts University in America discovered that two frequently seen compounds, green tea catechins and resveratrol found in red wine and other edibles, diminish the creation of plaques in neural cells without an extensive number of side effects. They examined 21 varying substances on Alzheimer’s infected neural cells measuring the developments of gooey beta amyloid plaques. These accumulate in brains suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

The two substances were the most active in restricting the growth of plaques. Green tea catechins are a type of flavonoid, which has antioxidant properties and is thought to provide health benefits. Resveratrol is a compound found in grapes, berries and peanuts and has been linked with a reduced risk of heart disease.

The findings of the research were published in Free Radical Biology and Medicine.

It is thought that the protective effect of green tea catechins and resveratrol may be due to their ability to reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which are both involved in the development of Alzheimer’s disease.

"If we could find a compound that would get rid of the plaques no matter what virus was causing them, it would be great," said Dana Cairns, research associate in the Kaplan Lab and lead researcher of the study. "It would show that regardless of what causes Alzheimer's, you might still see some kind of improvement."

The findings of this study add to the growing body of evidence suggesting that green tea may be beneficial for cognitive health. Green tea has been shown to improve memory and reaction time in healthy adults, and it is also thought to protect against age-related cognitive decline.

After conducting the initial screening test on simpler models, we found that five compounds had a positive effect and decided to further investigate these results by testing in 3D neural tissue model. Cairns said that not only did green tea compounds and resveratrol prevent plaques from forming, but so too did curcumin from turmeric, the diabetic medication Metformin, and citicoline - without displaying any antiviral properties. She said that they had hoped to find compounds that would both be harmless and show some level of efficacy.

The health benefits of green tea and resveratrol have been rigorously studied. Green tea catechins--molecules in the leaves with antioxidant effects--have potential cancer-fighting properties, while resveratrol is being explored for its anti-aging benefits.

Although Cairns was pleased with the results of the study, she urged that more research is needed to see if these effects would occur in patients.

While these findings are promising, Cairns cautioned that they are still in the early stages of research and that it will take more work to determine if these compounds can actually help to treat or prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

“It’s a first step, but I think it’s an important one,” she said. “We need to do more research in this area.”

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