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Google Settles $5 Billion Lawsuit Over 'Incognito' Mode Privacy Concerns

Updated: Jan 2

By: April Carson

In a significant development, Google has agreed to settle a consumer privacy lawsuit seeking a substantial $5 billion in damages over allegations that it surreptitiously tracked the data of users who believed they were browsing the internet privately. The lawsuit specifically targeted Google's "incognito" mode on its Chrome browser, with plaintiffs arguing that it provided users with a false sense of privacy.

The Allegations:

The heart of the matter lies in the claims that Google's incognito mode did not live up to its promise of private browsing. Users who activated this mode were led to believe that their online activities were shielded from tracking by the Silicon Valley tech giant. However, internal Google emails brought forward during the lawsuit revealed a different story. It was disclosed that Google was, in fact, tracking users in incognito mode for the purpose of measuring web traffic and selling targeted ads.

Preliminary Agreement:

The class-action lawsuit, originally filed in 2020, alleged that "millions of individuals" had likely fallen victim to Google's tracking practices. In a recent court filing, a judge confirmed that lawyers representing Google reached a preliminary agreement to settle the lawsuit. The settlement, which is yet to be finalized, could potentially bring an end to the legal battle that has put Google's privacy practices in the spotlight.

Plaintiffs' Claims:

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs were seeking a substantial compensation of at least $5,000 for each user who had been tracked by Google Analytics or Ad Manager services while using the private browsing mode, even when not logged into their Google account. If successful, this would have amounted to a staggering $5 billion in damages. However, it remains unclear whether the final settlement will reach this astronomical figure.

Implications for Users:

The lawsuit sheds light on the broader implications for users who rely on incognito mode for a more private online experience. The revelation that their activities were not as private as they believed has raised concerns about the extent to which tech companies collect and utilize user data, even in supposedly secure browsing modes.

No Official Response:

As of now, both Google and the lawyers representing the consumers involved in the lawsuit have not responded to requests for comments from AFP. The silence from the involved parties leaves the public awaiting more details about the terms of the settlement and any potential changes Google may implement to address the privacy concerns raised by users.

The settlement of this high-profile lawsuit signifies a critical moment in the ongoing debate about user privacy and the responsibility of tech giants in safeguarding personal information. As the details of the settlement unfold, it remains to be seen how this case will influence future discussions around online privacy and the measures companies should take to ensure that users' expectations of privacy are met.

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