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Google Announces Breakthrough in Quantum Computing

By: April Carson

According to a recent paper published by Google's quantum AI division, the Sycamore quantum processor has achieved instantaneous calculations that would take conventional computers nearly 50 years to complete. This groundbreaking achievement highlights the immense potential of quantum computing in surpassing existing computational capabilities.

The paper, entitled “Quantum Supremacy using a programmable superconducting processor” was published in the scientific journal Nature. It details the extraordinary speed of Google's quantum processor and how it managed to complete certain calculations in three minutes that would take an incredible 10,000 years on a traditional computer.

Leveraging the phenomena associated with quantum states, quantum computers have the remarkable ability to surpass the performance of classical computers. In recent years, Google has made significant strides in this domain, including a notable claim in 2019 of achieving "quantum supremacy." This claim was based on their successful resolution of a problem that had stumped the best traditional computers within a specified timeframe.

Despite challenges from competitors and subsequent similar claims, Google Quantum AI has announced that its Sycamore quantum processor can now run 70 qubits. This remarkable advancement allows for near-instantaneous calculations that would take the fastest classical computer around 47.2 years to complete.

Google's breakthrough is a major step towards a more powerful and efficient quantum computing infrastructure. The potential applications of this technology are immense, from solving difficult problems in physics to creating AI algorithms that will revolutionize the tech industry. With Google leading the way, it won't be too long until we begin to see these quantum computers make their mark on global markets.

Google Quantum AI and its collaborators have recently published a paper showcasing their successful experiments with Random Circuit Sampling (RCS). The authors highlight RCS as the frontrunner for demonstrating beyond-classical capabilities, as it maximizes quantum correlation propagation at remarkable speeds. This breakthrough marks a significant milestone in the field of quantum computing.

RCS, in broad terms, refers to the selection of random gates within a well-designed quantum circuit. This selection is instrumental in generating samples based on the circuit's output distribution. Through this process, the Google team successfully identified crucial phases that emerged from the interplay between quantum dynamics phenomena and noise during their experiments.

The immense potential of quantum computing lies in its capacity to solve problems that are impossible for classical computers.

The Google Quantum AI team utilized cross-entropy benchmarking, a quantum benchmarking protocol, to observe phase boundaries that define the computational complexity of noisy quantum evolution. This approach enabled them to gain valuable insights into the intricate nature of quantum systems.

The team concludes their findings with an impressive RCS experiment involving 70 qubits over 24 cycles. They estimate the computational cost in comparison to enhanced classical methods and demonstrate that their experiment surpasses the capabilities of existing classical supercomputers.

The paper on this cutting-edge research has been received with great enthusiasm by the scientific community. It opens up a new era of quantum computing and presents vast opportunities for further advancements in this domain. With more resources now being devoted to quantum computing, it won't be long before we start seeing its impact on our daily lives.

Although the recent experiments conducted by Google Quantum AI mark a significant milestone in the field of quantum computing, the team acknowledges that further work is still needed to advance the technology.

In their paper, the team acknowledges the achievements of RCS thus far but highlights the ongoing challenge of identifying practical applications for near-term noisy quantum processors. "Achieving quantum supremacy on a noisy intermediate-scale quantum device," they write, "will require careful consideration of the detailed properties of such systems."

Google's recent breakthrough with Sycamore brings it significantly closer to resolving the ongoing debate about whether the company has indeed achieved quantum supremacy, as stated by Steve Brierley, the CEO of quantum company Riverlane. This remarkable development has the potential to reshape the landscape of quantum computing and solidify Google's position as a frontrunner in this revolutionary field.

Despite arguments from competitors suggesting that the company has only shown quantum advantage through its recent experiments, Brierley, in conversation with The Telegraph, confidently stated that the debate surrounding Google's 2019 achievement has now been conclusively settled.

Google's quantum AI division is now expected to explore new avenues of research that will help them unlock the full potential of their Sycamore quantum processor. With Google leading the way, it looks like we are set to witness a brand-new era of quantum computing shortly.

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