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Geoelectrical Field responses to SI Sudden Impulse Event caused shock wave to Earth !

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Writer - Dollie Eanna Jensen

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Effects from the CME that departed the Sun on 7 December, 2020, arrived at Earth early on the 10 December, 2020, UTC-day. The disturbed solar wind did not include a strong enough southward-directed magnetic field to initiate geomagnetic storm conditions. However, the CME-associated interplanetary shock was observed at the DSCOVR spacecraft at 10/0132 UTC (9 Dec, 8:32 pm ET) and then at Earth nearly 40 minutes later. The arrival of the CME shock front at Earth was detected as a Sudden Impulse (SI) by ground magnetometers that measure deviations in the Earth’s natural geomagnetic field in nanoteslas (nT). An SI is an instantaneous deviation in the northward component of the geomagnetic field at mid and low latitudes, and was observed in near-real time by the operational magnetometer network used at SWPC1. The Boulder magnetometer measured an SI of 30 nT 10/0211 UTC (9 Dec, 9:11 pm ET) that marked the arrival of the CME shock front at Earth. While, this SI was not followed by a geomagnetic storm, the SI was also seen in our operational geoelectric field model.

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